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My Fairy Tale Story (1)

Michael, Yes Mum.
When will you start your SSCE Exams?
May 3rd Ma.
Make sure you make good grades, especially in your Accounts, Commerce, Mathematics and Economics. You know they are essential requirements you need if you want to study banking and finance, and you know as well that your father is counting on you to take over the family group of companies which includes a bank.
Yes mom, I have heard you. I will try my best.
That’s my boy, now hurry downstairs or you will be late for school.
He picked up his bag and stumbled out of the house.
I have a lot of responsibilities ahead of me he thought as he went out of the house.

********           ********           *******             ********           *********
Toke, this is the money I promised you, I guess it will last you till the end of the month.
Of cos, thank you Tinuke. You have been an angel to me. Don’t worry; I will start saving for your SSCE also so you won’t be embarrassed from school. Let’s start going to school, otherwise we will be late.
As they went on, Toke thought of what her future will be like. She was only managing. She is now in SS3 and no sponsor to take her up.
She had been a baby picked up on the street, when she got to SS2, the orphanage that  took her up got dissolved due to poor financial funding. She has been on her own since then. The little money she had got her a room at a hostel close to her school and Tinuke her best friend had been of financial help to her occasionally. How to cope after school was the major problem she kept considering.


Your credentials please?
Tinuke tendered them to the man interviewing her.
Just an advanced Diploma in Secretarial Studies and basic appreciation in computer? Yes sir, she replied praying he would give her the job.
“Miss Akinsipe”
You know very well the reputation of this company and the qualification we require?
Yes sir.
You can go. There is still a final interview with the Board of Directors. If you have been shortlisted, you will be called upon for the interview.
Thank you sir.   
Please God, I need this job badly she thought.
She had seen the vacancy that they needed an HND holder as a secretary. Although she didn’t qualify, she had just applied for the job and was really surprised to get a letter inviting her for the interview. If its Gods will, I will get the job she muttered as she walked out of the Adebayo group of company Complex.
Things had not been rosy for her. After her secondary school, she made excellent grades in her SSCE, she managed to buy a jamb form, which the result was seized. After about two years of doing menial jobs, selling petty items and pure water, she enrolled at a secretarial school, after obtaining an advanced Diploma, she started job hunting, and all in vain she decided to go for a computer course.
Tinuke had not been of much help again, besides they hardly see each other since Tinuke got admission to study medicine in Unilag.
All she prayed for at this moment was to get this job.

******                ****     **********     ********           *******             **********
Tolu, this work is not easy at all. I wonder how my dad managed when he was in control and any time I complain to him, he sees it as normal and tells me he has gone through more.
Michael, are you the one talking like this? You think it is easy to get money? The rich men also suffer to become rich. You just have to do it.
I know but……
Let’s go to the club and chill out, Tolu cut in.
No, I have a busy day tomorrow, got to interview a new set of staff about to be emoloyed and I have got to go to bed early.
Have it your way. With that, Tolu baded him good night and left.

********           *********        *********        **********     **********
Michael went through the credentials of the applicants’, came across the one with the lowest qualification and wondered how she got to the final stage of the interview. He summoned for each applicant and interviewed them. After the whole process, he ended up choosing the lady with the lowest qualification. He didn’t have a particular reason for choosing her asides the fact that he felt she was attractive and smart enough for the job.

Getting the job to Toke was like winning a visa lottery to the United States. At least she will be getting a regular pay and her problems about accommodation, feeding and clothing will be gradually solved.
One thing still puzzled her, she was the one with the least qualification and yet she got the job. During the final interview, the head of the company had only asked her if she felt she was capable of doing the job, she had replied saying she could do the job. He had told her to report back on Monday and that was it. She got the job. She had no one to rejoice with her, she didn’t have friends or relatives. All she had was God and she was grateful to him.

********           *********        *********        **********     **********
Working at Adebayo Group of companies was exciting as well as tedious. For the past two months she had been working there she woke up as early as 6.30am and closed from work by 3.30pm. she got back home to rest and prepare for the next day’s work. It was a daily routine for her and she hardly went out.

********           *********        *********        **********     **********
Michael Adebayo at the age of Twenty Five had a lot to point to as his achievements; a Degree in Banking and Finance from the university of Lagos , his Master’s Degree also in Banking and Finance from Glasgow university and he had made all his papers in the professional exams from the banking institute.
He was an accomplished banker and the sole proprietor of Adebayo group of companies, which runs different companies including a bank.
His father, still alive had handed over to him and only advised him from time to time.
Michael wasn’t the social type but he enjoyed having a good time with his friend, Tolu. They both grew up and went to the same primary, secondary school and university. Tolu studied Mechanical Engineering and presently works at the maintenance department of Proctor & Gamble worldwide incorporated. They both went to clubs at their leisure. Michael had gone into a few relationships but they don’t usually work out, the ladies are always after his money. He always wished he had a steady date which would stop him from laying ladies just to satisfy his manly desires.

(To be continued)

 Here I am again.
Like I promised in my last post I have started with my story. Wondering how I came about the title? Lol. Given unintentionally by my editor who said it felt more like a fairy tale. Anyway, since it didn’t have a title before now I decided to just name it along those lines. Note that this is raw o! I wrote this way back like 10yrs ago. I have not edited it, it’s just exactly as it was written. Including all the star star star between paragraphs. lol. I give myself a pass mark sha Whatever you think abeg let me know. I will keep posting in parts till the end of the book (Not so long anyway).
Hey, it’s my Mom’s Birthday today (A big Hug). You know how much that woman means to me. She could be nutty a times sha. I love her all the same. Long life and prosperity and more Grandchildren coming your way soon, don’t get tired yet.
What other gist?
Nuffin much. Been Up and down with this weather, my voice is fluctuating because of one yeye cough.
It took me almost a month to come up with this post. Aaaargh. Not good enuff for my blogging career (Ok, I didn’t just say that)
It’s the month of July, Month of Perfection.  I have high expectations.
Have a good one.

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