Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Fairy Tale Story (4)

I am kind of getting embarrassed at the slow pace this story is being let out. I can’t make any promises but I can only apologise.

How could Toke do such a thing to him? He had committed himself to her but she had betrayed him. He possibly couldn't be the father of the child. He had been on two kinds of contraceptives because he takes extra care with ladies. He felt relived he had not gotten her some things he planned to get for her. He just couldn't bear the thought of seeing his girlfriend with another man's child in his office, and that was the reason he has to dismiss her. She had cried but he was not moved at all.
Tinuke had called him, fixed an appointment for them to talk but he had not showed up. No amount of begging would make him take her back. She had betrayed his trust in her and he was making her pay for it.
*******. *******. *******
“Toke, just take things easy, the most important thing is that your conscience is clear and you know he is the father of your child. Leave him to his own conscience.”
Tinuke was really worried, with no job, how was Toke going to cope with a child. Personally, she would have been of assistance but was still without a job and depends on her parents.
“Why don't you go and see Tolu? He might be able to talk to him.”
“Tolu has gone out of the country for a course.”
“Maybe you should try and look for a job.”
“Tinuke!!!, who would employ a pregnant woman?”
“Well, we never can say, just try your luck.”
“Well, I will try.”
Thank you so much Tinuke, I wonder what I would have done without you.
******. *******. *******
“You mean Toke is pregnant for another guy?” Tolu asked in disbelief.
“Can u imagine?” that was the short phrased reply he got from Michael.
“Are you sure you are not responsible?” He probed further.
“What do you mean? Can't I take care of a child? I already told you I was protected.”
“I am sorry, but really you know these contraceptives are not a hundred percent effective.”
“Yes I know, but I was double protected.”
“Please let us talk about something else.”
“Maybe you should try and see her, I am sure she has an explanation for this.”
“Not a chance, Tolu.”
********. ********. *******
Toke's luck shined again. She got a job as a housekeeper. It's was beneath what she was doing before but its benefit was what attracted her to it.
She had to reside in the house and she got three meals from the house. Despite her pregnant state she had gotten the job through the sympathy of house owner's son' Folusho Daramola. He had picked an interest in her immediately he saw her and persuaded his mom to employ her.
She moved in almost immediately. Folusho kept her company after the day's job. They talked about things in general, he asked about the father of her baby and she told him everything that happened with Michael. He encouraged her to move on and be strong just for the sake of her baby.
Folusho's girlfriend, Bukola was also of much help to her. They both went to the hospital for her ante natals and she always cheered her up anytime she was down.
Michael was someone she could not forget despite the way he treated her. She still loved him. Folusho had told her any guy could possible act that knowing his confidence in the contraceptive he used.

After happy and sad months, Toke was delivered of a bouncing Baby Boy. It wasn't easy for her there in the labour room. It made her wonder why her own mother would go through nine months and eventually abandon her.
The baby, who was immediately liked by everyone, was an exact replica of his father. No doctor would waste his time on a DNA test to prove paternity of the child. She wished so much that Michael were here to see his son.
Folusho took the baby who was named Mayokun as his son.
He was the father Michael did not want to be.
******. ********. ********
Everything went on smoothly at Adebayo Group of companies. It has been almost four years that Toke had left and only workers who knew about what happened between her and Michael. Overtime the gossip had died down.
Life was normal for Michael but the Void Toke left was still there in his life. He had not gotten over what she did to him. He had not set his eyes on her since she left and he didn't have a clue about her whereabout. Little gossips he heard said she had moved away from her Palmgrove apartment. No one however mentioned to where she moved.
******. ********. *******
“Mummy”, three-year-old Mayokun called her.
Anytime she looked at him, she always remembered Michael. She always wished he would show up someday. She was quite ok and content with her life, but her son needed his real father.
Folusho and Bukola are now married and reside in Abuja so she saw so little of them.
She had a new job as junior secretary at an oil company, but she resided with the Daramola's. She was more like a child to them now. Mayokun called Folusho's mom Grandma and she was always delighted to show him of anythem they went out or had guests in the house.
Toke however still helped out in the house whenever she had the chance and her effort was always appreciated.
Her son was now in nursery one and damn too sharp for his age.
He was great company to her as well as a contact reminder of His father to her.
One day, your father will change his mind. She always thought.
*******. *******. *******

Moving on to my usual gist.
I will finish this book one day. I am tired already. Damn too lazy to type out a manuscript. Yet I carry it around every day.
“Beautiful Blood”, “Fine Boys”, “Monitored”, “Purple Hibiscus” and a couple more of them. These are Books pending for my reading.
How could I possibly lose touch with writing and reading about the same time?
What have I really been up to?
Work always, and my usual mind games. Nuttie me.
I haven’t been having the best of human relations in recent times, which is not good at all. I am just kinda sticking to one buddy; My bestie for now. At least I am able to put my shrink skills to use in that area, in a very stubborn way though.
Please who is a Surreptitious Romantic? I know of one. I want to know more in case I might want to make comparisons. (Still trying to figure out what it means)
I read a lovely write up over the weekend. It was very much on point. I loved it. The plot was clean and well delivered. I am still looking for the writer. I would have shared here but it’s not my story to tell.
Meanwhile, I need a vacation. October must not elude me on that.
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