Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unanswered Questions.

Since I was a kid, I have had so many unanswered questions.

Not like I asked for answers but I probably decided to find out on my own.

Where do dogs go when they die? Heaven, hell or it just ends there? Still no answer till date. (You could tell me If you know).we had dogs as kids and whenever anyone of them died I would feel so bad and cry and it felt so real that I wish we would meet again but where is the dog going sef? i don’t know.

Do Ants talk to themselves?

Why do cockroaches still come around us knowing they will die just like their forefathers? Abi they have short memory?

How can you turn to a dog when u pick money on the floor? (They say its jazz abi?)

How possible is it that Rent-a-Ghost could disappear without a trace when they pinch their nose and 9ja movie would use smoke when they want to disappear?

Why was spotty in super- ted so dumb? (I always felt it had a chicken pox and keep hoping for the day it will heal).

How come pinky and the brain have never gotten to take over the world?

How come I missed the only episode where they ever showed the face of the big aunty in Muppet babies?

What do babies dream of when they sleep? They dream of mom and dad or how they want to play or what? I want to enter their brain and know, but I can’t. I was once a baby and I can’t remember anything.

I remember a particular time when church crusades were really in vogue (I think it still is sha). I would see the bold words CRUSADE!!! CRUSADE!!! CRUSADE!!! Staring at me from the posters everywhere, i would want to ask my mom what it means but would decide against it and keep trying to get the pronunciation on my own. Eventually I got my own version.
CRAW-SHADE!!! CRAW-SHADE!!!CRAW-SHADE!!! My Mom wondered for days what I was saying till I pointed out proudly at one of the posters that I was right. lol. Everyone in my family still laughs at me till today. At least I made effort na!!!.

Growing up now the need to know more is still there. I wish I could know it all. I really wish.

I want to know what attracts a lady to a guy. Though funny, but I can’t explain. More like attraction sha, one u can’t explain. That gish gish and giri giri feeling? Then it just dies like that. Gbam. Kilode?

And this one is my new observation; I think the population of houseflies has reduced. Just saying what I noticed, cos I hardly see them these days. Where did they go to?

I still wonder why KT is still my friend.

Why mamacita would be asking about teddy Roxon (hope d spelling is right) on a Monday morning.
Why Ty suddenly wants to be my friend again.

What the heck do my nephews see in Ben Ten, Harry & Toto, and Teletubies?

Maybe what I also saw in voltron and super-ted, but wait, they made more sense and they talk. Except for chuckle hounds (I hope u still remember that).

All these can do without getting answers simply because they would always bring smiles on my face whenever I come up with a silly one.

The questions whose answers would never be funny are that of murder and killings.

The Aluu‡4‡.  Can’t help but mention it here.
With deep pain for the harm done to the family and a whole nation, no answers would suffice as to why.
I refused to watch the video. Hear say alone is disheartening.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that those guys will rest in perfect peace.
Judgment is for God, and I know he is a fair God.
I pray we will not be victims of circumstance by God's Mercies in Jesus Name.(Amen)
Say a prayer for God to comfort the families because words can’t simply be enough.

Still so much unanswered questions.



  1. Hmmmm............would like to know what plays in your head during the "That gish gish and giri giri feeling?" before it "Then it just dies like that. Gbam." .........We all know why TY wants to be ya friend piece

  2. So you've swelled the ever increasing number of bloggers abi, Funmi. Oku 'se o. As it turns out, some questions have no answers,maybe because the question is inherently wrong or humans don't have the capacity to answer those questions. I think ants exchange hasty hellos when they meet before rushing to wherever ants rush to. I've never been able to prove that though.

  3. Well this thought is truly simple and true. You have brought a smile to brighten my day. Thank you.
    On the Alu matter, I’d rather keep mum because it's so gruesome that I hate to even think about it. My prayer to their mourning families is that Almighty should give them the fortitude to bear their loss. And for us is that may God never let us experience such. Amen.

  4. Nice write up. There are some things we can't just explain. Some questions are better left unanswered.

  5. My favourite "wonder why" when I was little was, Wonder why Noah let awon mosquitoes and cockroaches into the ark. lol


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