Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Original Excellency.

Their political excellency.
Many of them out there. They cant save their own life how much more else.
There is however this excellency, he surpasses them all. he doesnt need the support of man. 
He is the Original Excellency our creator.
I always have an awesome time in his presence and I wanna share that with you.
The King delights in the praise of his people.
I am a Praise singer for the Original Excellency. I delight in singing his praise.
Paul and Silas sang his praise and he Rose to their help.
I will never get tired of singing his praise, he delights in it and blesses me in return.
Join me and acknowledge him. 
You will never Regret.

hmmm, am sure you enjoyed that. i will not be limited to anything on my blog. 
Expect anything any time. 
Have a beautiful day.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Frienship Thiny.

They come and go.
hmm, Good and bad . I need to mention that there are the semi-Good(or semi-Bad)
Had a group discussion in church some weeks back about friends and virtually every on had something to say about a friend that betrayed them at one time or the other.
Anyway, I came to my conclusions. I need to have only two friends on the long run in my Life: Jesus and My Husband.
Yeah. that's the honest truth for me, i don't know about you.
However, by kudos to Kenny B, Mamacita, and Kfash. you guys have been awesome in the last ten years. Very awesome friends they have been. Mwaaah.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nine Months saga.

Have you ever been faced with making a tough choice that could change your life forever?
Trust me on his. you cant be too sure of what is right especially when you wish you can see the future. hmmm...... i no wan think am.
9 months ago, 9 months later(its not what you think(lol) NO babies involved).
Biko, abeg (can u imagine i am speaking ibo on top this matter)
well, I believe in God and i know he will lead me to do the right thing.
You never can be too sure as humans to do the right thing.
meanwhile, any new gist out there?
maybe not, maybe I didn't bother to find out. and maybe am not interested in any gist sef.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I am doing that on behalf of Mrs. yinka johnson. Akoba adaba, olorun ma j iari. i can imagine the Joy.Hmmm.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Opting out

Queer thot i have in mind today.
ok!!!, i wanna do something i have been willing to do for about 4mths now but i feel its morally wrong to do it. so finally after a bit of persuasion today, i succumbed.
Three hours later i wanna opt out.
i dont know the reason i agreed(maybe cos am on leave and a bit idle) but at least i know d reason am opting out.
Hmmm...... i will definitely opt out. I never can say what the consequences would be later on.

Brings me to  remember the Stanbic IBTC woman/ Lastma case.
i call it mysterious o!!
It happened in Broad day light and we cant phantom out the truth yet.
No further thots for now.

(think i wrote more than yesterday)

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Zingerthots are my thots.
 Zinger is a twist of Ginger. don't ask me how i came about that twist cos i don't know either.
Ok am just trying my hands out on blogging and i hope i can do magic with it.
whatever jare. am getting bored already. so much for an aspiring blogger.
#yawns# . sleeping is my hobby anyway.
have a great weekend.