Sunday, 7 June 2015

Testing Waters.

*clears throat*

Testing waters.

Maybe I am back.

My next post will fully determine that.

It has been over a year, and plenty waters have passed under the proverbial bridge.

However, that doesn’t really matter now. I will continue as usual and choose to ignore the blank period.

It’s been a wonderful year so far, and with the elections and change in Government, I am positive that a better Nigeria will emerge. We just have to give the new crew in charge ample time to get it right, after all Rome was not built in one day.

I will try not to get stuck with what to write and make this brief.

Got something in the loops with Bims. This post is testing waters to know if I am up to the task.

Meanwhile, status has changed and it has been so so cool.
Friendie, Buddie, Brother, playmate…… it. Very blissful.

What else am I meant to write?

Let me check if I can still navigate on blogger.

Plus I need a new editor. Old and new folks can apply.

Deronk, holiday is over, come back. Also thank u to Rikky.

Due respect to my Dad, fondly remembered today after 16 years.

I am still Zinger.