Friday, 31 May 2013

Respect Yourself.

Happy (Belated) democracy day to you!
Not like I have an insight into what happened in the country on the 29th day of May 2013. Guess nothing would happen at Eagle Square Abuja after the Henry Okah saga. Whatever, Nigeria my homeland, it is well with you.

Talking of respect, I have had this thought penned down for about three months now but I just never got to write about it. More like I over looked it.
I went to the Library to read for a solo exam, and barely 30 minutes after I settled into my reading, one of the librarians walks up to a lady a few seats away from me and politely tells her that the use of laptops is restricted to certain areas in the library. She was to stop using the laptop where she was and move to the suggested area or she could remain on her seat and stop using the laptop. The young lady simply obeyed and relocated.

I went for a short break after a couple of hours and came back to my books. Shortly after, the same incidence happened with another lady (I wonder why only ladies). This time around it was quite different. Same instruction was given to the new lady in question but she seemed adamant to stay, insisting that she wasn't disturbing anyone. The librarian did warn her couple of times and came back to check if she had obliged with his instruction but she remained adamant. Considering the fact that it was a library and usually quiet, the librarian tried as much as possible to talk hush hush, but the frequent movement started gaining attention from everyone around.

Sensing it was getting out of hand the man decided to call the attention of a superior officer, who came promptly and gave the lady five minutes to move. Five minutes ko... She didn't budge. Trust me by this time; I was just staring at the lines in my book I wasn't reading anything.  Everyone was distracted already.
The appointed time came and this time around, three officials came and before she could open her mouth to say anything, they helped her packed her books and ‘lappy’ and showed her the way out.
So who is the winner here?

She lost the fight of course! Who is she? VIP? If she is, she won’t be in the same library with me, of that I am sure. So what was the big deal in obeying a SIMPLE instruction? In the real sense of it, she wasn't disturbing anyone directly with the use of her laptop in that space, but there must have been a reason that rule was put in place. As long as the rule doesn't apply to you alone, it should be respected and followed. You could perhaps ask why they had such a rule in place and that’s ok. The first lady that was accosted simply obeyed showing she was more realistic and respectful.

So her action could be as a result of anything.  Family value is on top of my list. Is that how she disobeys orders at home? Can she be an obedient child and wife at all?Considering the fact that the library official in question was much older than her. What the heck was wrong with her?

Bring back the scenario into our everyday lives and think of simple instructions you fail to obey and end up being punished or embarrassed for. Sometimes we think it’s all about being smart, but really it is not. Silly move I must say. That your friend got away with it doesn't mean you will. It’s that simple.

That BRT/one way lane you pass knowing its wrong; keep it up. Your day is coming.

Little things you feel don’t matter actually do.
For instance now, maybe (just saying) a guy had been eyeing that lady quietly in the library and had planned to walk up to her at some point, he witnessed what happened and he is turned off. He immediately sees her as a no go area and just maybe she is single and seriously searching o; she just blew it over.
People read meanings into what you count as little. Save yourself some embarrassment by obeying simple rules.

Personally, I hate being insulted and embarrassed anything that will draw attention to me in a negative manner; I avoid it like a plague. If it happens, I get so upset. That is how much i respect myself.
Shallow talk abi? Keep reading and don’t forget I warned you except of course you are used to being embarrassed; perhaps it’s an everyday thing for you.
My thots as usual.Feel free to express yours.

What’s happening around?
Yippee, my little Scream baby is 1 year old! Whoop whoop!!. 30th May, that’s his day. How time flies. Long life & prosperity dear. I love you loadz. The senior crew will be cruising in. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Fun all the way.
Three (3) years now, Beji has left us. She will always be remembered. KT, you have always been strong, and I admire you for that.*hug*.
So Big brother; the chase, has started, no time to watch as usual but I’m sure I can still catch up with the channel O (now Airtel) party and the Sunday evictions. Mom can always update me on the daily shows. In just a few days sef, I am already seeing things.

So in the last one week I tried to learn how to fly at night, I tried for one night and crashed the next night. Abeg I no fit. My hobby is sleeping copy that. So if I kill my sleep for you, eh... you are loved.
I want you to give this some thought; Most times, we usually have what we get, not what we want. When we eventually see what we want, our hands are full with what we have gotten and we are left with the option of either dropping what we have, to get what we really want, or sticking with what we have. Never mind me, parables ain’t my thing, just giving it a try.*covers face* (Read it again joor!!)
Thumbs up to AK, I trust you as always, it is going to be a walk over for you this time around*wink *wink*Hug*Hug*.
Happy Married Life to Tolulope, I wish you all the best in life as you take this bold step.

On a final note: we are going into the month of June. It is usually the most eventful month of the year for me. My Birth month, loads of birthdays, anniversaries, my Dad’s remembrance and more.
I must mention the Dana Airline Crash. It will be one year in a couple of days, June 3rd. I pray from the bottom of my heart that we would see no such of it again. It was a loss to both the families and the entire nation. The Lord will comfort us all, In Jesus name! It won’t be too much for you to say a word of prayer for the families affected, pray for their comfort and that the peace of the Lord will continue with them.

Happy new month peeps.
Love y’all.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Family Values.

Who is family? Everyone related to you by blood. 
The meaning according to the Oxford Dictionary is simply parents and children living together.
Everyone should understand the concept of family because we all are part of one, or at least, used to be part of one and probably intend to start one soon or later.

There is always a thought that triggers what I write about.
I come from a closely knitted nuclear family (don’t really relate with the extended arm).  However, I see a continuing generation from this point that would be close to perfect. Not just being together because you popped out from the same womb but being in harmony with one another, being predictable and mutually beneficial to each other for generations unending.

Some weeks back I had an encounter with a family I relate with closely. It was not nice but on the long run, I realized how valuable a good family is.
Still thinking on that, I then remembered the sermon I heard in church that same day ‘Family is God’s Idea’ by Pastor Kenny Folarin.It was a wonderful and soul lifting message.
I decided to wrap up some of my conclusions on it, coupled with my personal thoughts as usual.

When God made man, He made it clear that He expected man to have a family; every one of us should belong to a family. God’s original intention for us was that we have dominion over the earth and this dominion is continually expressed when we multiply.
I’m sure we agree that the concept of family started with Adam and Eve; so what are we then talking about?
The sermon started on how we relate within the family and expatiated to what happens in the society as a whole. The society comprises of multiple units of families. Everyone in the society is part of a family. No man came into existence in isolation. You are linked to one person or the other.
Our actions and conducts in the outside world mirrors the kind of family we came from and it reflects on our parents. Of course there are a few exceptional cases where we have the rebellious child but really we still have to look inward and find out what went wrong somewhere,as there is usually a point in time when it is too late to make corrections; at least not easily.

We cannot talk about the family without talking about marriage. When you see parents that are not at par with each other, especially in the formative years of their kids what do you expect? A defunct upbringing for the child who ends up in the society is expected, including whatever other terrible behavior you can imagine.
In every covenant relationship, there are responsibilities, which have to be undertaken by each party. Therefore, make your home a place of care and love, not a place where you tear down your spouse and children. No man is an island; appreciate the importance of your spouse and children and you will build love from within the family, which flows outward into the society where everyone interacts.

The family unit is where we first learn how to relate with others. We learn love, submission, honour and patience. Another reason why the family exists is to raise godly offspring. Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
Our first role models are found in the family. We need to build our homes and families on God’s word and biblical standards instead of traditional values, information from the clubhouses or fleshly advice.

Look at the society today, the politician that is mopping money meant for the masses started small. Maybe he started with greed on little things like biscuits and sweets. His parents who are in the best position to instill Godly virtues in him could have corrected him in his formative years. Instead however, we have family systems where there is favoritism among the children by their parents. It goes a long way when they are all grown up.
Most parents leave their children at the mercy of house-helps and nannies who commit all sorts of atrocities that get embedded in the children hence corrupting their values.
What is expected of these children when they get into the society?

The values of a family on the long run are the values of the society.

The Pastor gave an example of a man who never said thank you at home whenever his wife served him food and having corrected him on several occasions without change, the wife stopped complaining.
A time came and he had to travel by air. The air hostess as expected was very nice to him and gave him all he requested for. He requested for the usual, food, drink, magazines, blanket and so on and s usual, he didn’t say thank you.
When the air hostess couldn't take it any longer she walked up to him, ‘Excuse me sir. Please learn to always say thank you’. Everyone around watched the drama and you can imagine how embarrassed the man was. He learnt his lesson the hard way and when he got home he reported himself to his wife.Its was a clear case of ‘charity begins at home’.

So many other factors contribute to societal decay, Family is just one of it.
Like I always say, this is just my opinion. Feel free to express yours.

In other news, loadz and loads of gist which I might have to postpone some.
I haven’t posted in a while; I really don’t have any excuse. My mind is always here and my note-taking book is full of ideas, but one way or the other, I just don’t get to write. I need to work on that.

My sugar abstinence wahala;it’s hard keeping it up. I go to the cinemas and the popcorn is winking and winking and winking and still winking at me. It’s so hard to say no, so honestly, maybe taking it in stages was what I should have done initially.
Well I can successfully say I have gotten over the chocolate part of it. I had a real temptation on Saturday and I overcame it. That’s a good one.

Talking of movies I watched ‘Temptation’ Confessions of a Marriage Counsellor. Was pweety good. Ignore the fact that Kim Kardashian starred in it. Awesome is the word! Women and their palava sha;don’t walk into a ditch with your eyes open; Not all that glitters is actually Gold; Being content matters a lot. You might want to watch it. I am doing all the hype because it really was my kinda movie.

CCTV in the office!!!! Just today it was relocated directly behind my desk. Aaaaargh, whatever, I do not care. The observers would soon be tired of watching.

I must mention the reunion I had with the fantastic four a couple of weeks back. Mama, Kfash, KT and of course our God daughter Fiyin,you guys rock!!!!.Looking forward to more of this with more kids around.

New look with my new pair of glasses. I love it!! Not geeky at all. Different look. No offence to Goldie goggles (copy that. LOL).

I need mention B&T. I am so happy. I can only hope for the best to come out of this.

A big thank you to Riki.

New week will definitely be a blessed one for us all By God’s Grace.