Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boy or Girl

Mama na ….. (Boy or girl)
New thot.
"Gender issue".
What is in the sex of children who are gifts from God?
A gift no man can create and give you.
It’s not sold in the market neither is it online.
You can ask for it and God has the option of giving you or not.
Even when he is gonna give you; he determines the time to do it.
You have no control over what you get.
So why would you discriminate? Why would you say I want a boy or it’s a girl I want?
What you are making a choice over, someone else would gladly accept whatever comes their way due to years of delay and waiting on God.
Boy or girl doesn’t matter at all
Accept what you get.
It shouldn’t all be about the family name.
That’s d tales from the past.
most times people accept whatever comes as the first, but start stressing on subsequent ones.
There is hardly anything a man can do that a woman won’t be able to do (except ……. #clears throat), so what’s the fuss all about?
Big ups to my Mom. Four wonderful ladies and a charming gentle Man. She couldn't have asked for a better combination.
There was this story I heard of a man who wanted a male son badly after 3 female children already. At the fourth attempt he refused to show up at the hospital the moment he heard the news that his wife delivered a baby girl again. Kilode? Tell me he won’t spoil a male son silly when he finally comes.
Honestly, the discrimination is peculiar to some cultures, but nevertheless individuals have their own personal drives for what they want.
Not wanting a girl says a lot about what value you attach to the feminine gender. We are your Mom, Sister, Aunty, Niece, and Grandma and so on. The male folks can’t do it alone.
Appreciate God for whatever he has given you and mold it to your desire.
My thots as usual.
Yours might be different. Feel free to express it.


  1. Always wanted all girls as my kids. want an exciting house. Will be the only male and will be spoilt silly by my wife and kids. Cant wait. God, am not asking o!just dont mind me.

  2. Boy or girl it is a gift from God, let us all appreciate and accept wat God have giving unto us either a boy or a girl. For me which ever he gives me I am grateful

  3. alot of educated people (male) seems to forget that they are the sole determinant of their child's gender. they keep blaming it on the woman as if there is some kind of game a woman plays with the seed that has been planted in her vineyard. hmm. some go as far as marrying more wives, while some get lucky, others aren't that lucky.

    The most important thing is to be thankful for not been baren.

  4. well i believe say na lazy man they born Girl, girl, girl. jokes apart, scriptures says that what ever you desire when you pray you shall have them, so it's what you ask for that you get.


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