Sunday, 31 March 2013

She Came To My Rescue

Very sincere thots on how someone you never thought could save your back when you are stuck on something becomes your hero. I mean someone way below your standard in any way, could be age, social status, intellectually and come what may.
Something prompted this thot usual.
Last week Sunday, we had a longer service than expected in church. With the children, I am always calculated with timing. However as the service progressed and it didn't seem like ending soon, I had completed the lesson for the day in their Sunday school manual (considering the fact that I took it slowly), I went ahead to play around revising other lessons and still the service went on. I allowed the kids to tell me stories about their friends and classmates yet, there was still more time to continue. Honestly I got stuck. Just when I was thinking of what next to do, one of the kids precisely a girl walked up to me and said she wanted to teach the class something, hence asking for my permission. Gladly I obliged. She took the marker went to the board , ruled two lines, one side for the boys and the other side for the girls and offhand she started writing equations on the board and asked anyone in the class who could solve it to come forward. Immediately the first and second equation was solved and the trend started in favor of one team.  Excitement filled the air and for about 30 minutes more I watched the kids solve maths equation like jeez. I no sabi maths anyway.
My thots went wild as usual, how many times do we find ourselves in helpless situations and someone you would have overlooked comes to the rescue. It happens a lot everyday all the time. We feel we can do it and we still get stuck along the way.
So, the little girl rescued me that day. Did I mention she is ten years old? Yeah she is very smart. Worthy to mention also that the girls won. Though it was just a close margin.
My boss keeps telling us every Monday at the departmental meeting that no man is an island. We all need to assist each other one time or the other. Not looking down on anyone. My boss usually calls me to proof read letters he is going to send out, initially I used to be hesitant thinking its gross for me to tell my boss he made a mistake, but on the long run he made me understand that there would be something he has overlooked that I will see and if it goes out of the office the recipient doesn’t refer to who wrote the letter from the company but would condemn the entire coy. You get the gist? That is an amazing quality of a leader.
Guilty me, I like doing things my way but aint good enuff.  However with age and maturity, I allow people and if need be to adjust anything I do it without criticizing so much. I have learnt to start asking for opinions a lot (except in  very personal matters cos as regards that I have written a post read it HERE).
My thots as usual.Feel free to express yours.
More as talk abi?
Plenty stuff happening as usual. Very busy Easter period. Busy doing what? *sigh*
Chill O! I really need someone to go back to read my post on “Does it matter what they fink”(remember its as regards personal issues). I could get to write more about that post maybe a part 2. I got an opinion yesterday from someone and I realized, I wasn't out to please anyone. I am entitled to my personal decisions. Deronk, remember your comment on  that post.
I am missing my chuchuwawa nephews*hug*
A big hug for Delababe you have been an angel to me in the past week.
i broke my sugar rule*sobs* nevermind., it was just one day, the sun out there these days na real wa. i felt like i was gonna faint and needed the glucose asap*covers face*
The holidays rushed fast again, just one day left, make the most of it. I will too.
Almost forgot, Happy Married Life to KunleSeun.  Finally!!!!. The day has come and gone. Marital Bliss Happy Easter, the resurrection Sunday.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Impulse Buying.

I walked into YEMYEM supermarket in school today and came out empty handed. I smiled as I walked away cos I didn’t get what I actually wanted and I did not buy any other thing. Why? I walked around the store and I said to myself, “Phumie, what you want is not available, you don’t need any other thing, just leave”, and I left.
As usual I got logical about it. The word that readily came to mind was “Impulse”
Many times we do things we ought not to have done if we had thought of it previously. After a while we sit down to replay what we did and realize if we had simply been patient and given it a second thought we wouldn’t have don’t it at all.  
I went further to get the definition of impulse and I came about the desired one that would suit my purpose on “”.
It defined it as;
Behaviors that occur quickly without control, planning, or consideration of the consequences.
Then my curiosity grew and I went ahead to visit a lot of other pages, then I realized what a big deal it is to be impulsive. However in our daily lives we don’t think of that word at all.
Impulsive is a big word with emotion and shopping.
Understand me we have impulsive behavior due to emotional issues such as jealousy, anger, insecurity or fear. However I am not talking on this area.
However, my thots wandered on impulse shopping. The earlier definition I got from “” still suffices for it.
I would start with a little supermarket close to my office. When I started doing there I would go with my purse. I probably planned to buy toiletries, about one or two items and I come back with a full nylon on the long run. Why? I get there and I start seeing things I wanted at a time but was not available and before I blink twice its already in my basket. Why? Simply because I took my purse and it contains more money.  After a while I started going without my purse. It worked cos I will buy only what the cash at hand was initially budgeted for. When I see what I like, I won’t have the urge to pick it cos the money is not with me and I wouldn’t want to go back to the office to pick cash and start heading back. Infact by the time I get to the office the zeal has died down.
Now move up to more expensive items where I would have to use the POS to purchase and tell me what I would do? Pin typed account debited and Gbam, money spent.
I am a bit guilty of it but I started making conscious effort to stop it. I only plan before buying.
You might see yourself as not guilty but think of it. It starts from gala and yoghurt in traffic. Dinner is waiting at home oh but that worm in your tummy has to be satisfied. I feel you.
We have loads of people that furnish their house inside traffic. Everything is purchased. Once we spot the sales boys in traffic we buy sharp sharp. Those guys sell everything sellable these days. I have seen things and plenty things in traffic.
Don’t get me wrong not all impulse behavior is bad. There are moments when impulse behavior comes in handy, but more often than not it gets you into trouble.
It’s a drain on your pocket, it’s an out of budget expense and what do you expect from that? It eventually pushes more important things off your budget.
Just a couple of weeks back, when I started nursing the idea to buy my netbook, I got an advise from Zubbie, I quote “wait till next week before you buy, then before you set out, check if you still have as much zeal as you had last week, at that moment you know whether you really still want it or not”. It kind of worked; the zeal didn’t die after one week ,I missed not having it every single day!! So I went ahead to buy. If the zeal had died I wouldn’t have bothered because what he told me actually made so much sense.  However the zeal theory (that’s what I named it already) won’t work for some people. Why? The zeal won’t die until they have that item in their hands and after a couple of hours or a few days they find out it isn’t such a big deal after all. Then it’s too late and your money is gone.
If we had the opportunity to sum up the impulse purchases we do in a year, I am quite sure we would be shocked and immediately imagine what tangible thing that sum would have done.
So I went further to see what few ways I have tried to control my impulse buying;
  • -          I withdraw cash for the week and leave my ATM at home. If I need emergency fund, I know I would have to go across the counter at the bank if it’s so important.
  • -          Stop, pause and apply the zeal theory.
  • -          Sleep in traffic. Funny abi? Actually, I meant close my eyes to things I see in traffic. They keep staring at me, I know, I don’t stare back.
  • -          When going shopping especially in those big stores like ShopRite, I take the exact money for the planned purchase. If possible I don’t go with my ATM, because chances are that I will buy more. Those people are smart. They have petty items at the counter and they even make sure you spend your leftover change there.
  • -          A major source of impulse is from online buying. Those adverts keep flashing when you go on webpages. The truth is that they are more expensive than in the open market. The pictures make them look flashy and original but it’s all part of marketing. Unsubscribe from those daily mails. I used to receive daily deals from ‘deal dey” I quietly clicked unsubscribe one morning cos the deals always look too attractive.
  • -          I try as much as possible to avoid going shopping with other people. If it’s so necessary, I empty my pocket and leave my ATM.
  • -          Most importantly, if you can’t afford to buy something you only eye it and leave. So I assume I can’t afford it. I tune in the mindset that it’s too expensive and you would hear me say haaaa when I see the price tag.

Well, not like I still don’t buy impulsively, I have managed to reduce it to the barest minimum and I will continue to explore more options to kill it finally.
Thank God for my resolution to stop taking sugar, I can empty my pocket to get Maltesers and any type of Ginger Biscuits. Now I am in control. God continue to help me.
Well, like I always say, I am not always right. You can always buttress my point. *wink*
For the people who scroll down to this point you can stop scrolling you are there already. lol.
I want time off work but I can’t get, I have to chill till July. Well, I chose it myself cos I thought the year would run fast, but now it’s kind of slow joor. July come quick.
It’s the Easter week already; I didn’t realize that until I saw some kids with palm leaves and then it occurred to me tomorrow is Palm Sunday. I need to figure it out in the next few days what is really going to happen. It’s all choked up.
Happy married life to Debola’s friends. Those dimples are lovely. I like. It’s the really the year of plenty weddings o! * walking quietly* wink*
Bibi, where are you? Come out of hiding joor.TY1 & TY2 still MIA, kilode?
KT, a big hug for you. I am happy you got this easily. Mwaaah.
I am trying to learn the APA reference style, actually the 6th Edition. Do you know what I mean by that? I wish I could submit one of my blog posts as my project. I am tired of it. Doesn’t seem as interesting as I thought. Infact, it’s not interesting at all. I have just one year to do it all and I am still stalling as at now*sobs*
Enjoy your weekend peeps and please remember the reason for the season is that Jesus died for our sins. Make it worth it.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Time and Chance

Yes! Often I get a prompting to do something, and think, "nah, I have ____ at that time, I can't do that" and then ____ gets cancelled and I realized that was my only chance to do what I was prompted to start then.
How beautiful can life be?

Beautiful enough to make you want more of it or so ugly you wished you had come the previous life or look forward to the next life.

How lucky can someone be? How unlucky too.

Life is full of chances and not everyone has the opportunity to get what they want at the desired time.

I can hit it big today and the next moment I am back to ground zero.

I could just be a lucky person, not like I have what it takes to be the best.

You could get there first and have all it takes to grab an opportunity but one way or the other it slips through your fingers and gbam!!, Someone else gets it. Really, is it about being lucky?

I hold on fast to Ecclesiastes 9:11 always and I quote:

“I returned and looked under the sun that – the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill, but time and chance happens to them all.

My key words here “Time & Chance”.

This is a bible verse which we all should be familiar with and if we read from the same book, chapter 3 Vs1-8, it’s a summary of the fact that there is time for everything.

It’s basically not about how fast, but how well.

There are situations we face in life which we can’t explain but one way or the other it happens and affects us positively or negatively. We however never ponder on when and why it is good but we agonize on why it is bad. We don’t have to blame ourselves when thing don’t add up or fall into place as we expect but we have to realize that asides the fact that we might looking unconsciously in the wrong direction, the time set for such expectation is yet ripe. Maybe we are asking too early or rather we are late in asking and just have to lurk around till another chance comes up.

Further in the same chapter 3 vs. 12, it’s says:

“He makes everything beautiful in its time…………

When we seek atimes we seek amiss. We ask with doubt. We ask with low expectation. We ask without having our own human effort to back up our expectation meaning we want something we are not ready to receive.

When the time is right and you have positioned yourself that chance will find you.

Prepare now, make hay while the sun shines.

Fingers are definitely not equal.

However, it doesn’t define who is to succeed or not.

Positioning yourself with the right kind of mindset that goes with your expectation gets you what you want. Never see anyone as a threat and never belittle yourself to the advantage of others.

If I have thoughts of being the CEO of my company it’s a mindset,

If however I have the thoughts instead of getting to a managerial position in another man’s company, it’s also a mindset. However I can’t position myself in the same way to achieve different set of goals. Think about it.

I mentioned in one of my previous post that I have been doing a coaching/mentorship programme online and I have learnt so much from it.

I have been impacted strongly on the power of vision. Having a meaningful vision practically alters your life and turns you into a magnet. It gives you a sense of direction and with that your “Time and chance” won’t pass you by. It’s all about taking calculated steps. There is no hurry in life. I need to add we need to always seek for God's favour as well. very important.

I read a broadcast on BB some time ago and the summary of it was about the 25,50 and 60 year old CEOs who all got to that position at different ages. It might take a while but the most important thing is you eventually get there and having a sense of fulfillment with it.

When I look at my life I say thank you God always and the next line of thought  is to confess that I know I am not there yet but I know where I am coming from, where I am now and most importantly I have a destination.

I am taking this from the general angle not specific about what challenges you might be facing (maybe financial, family e.t.c).

Think about it apply it. It might not be as bad as you think. Apply it and you might just realize you have been putting the cart before the horse, you never can say.

Yeah as usual i move to other things, first of all a heartfelt condolence to AK, Aunty is gone but it’s for the best. She is resting with the Lord. Like you said the race continues for us here on earth. I pray it’s a smooth one for us by God’s Grace.

Then, I have a different hairstyle. Something Madamish. Lol. Well that‘s what uncle B said. He said its bigger than me. I love it o! infact I love it very much. *Mwaah*you wanna see it? Not here.

Easter is just around the corner, so many activities lined up for that. KunleSeun, the countdown has begun. Did I say Finally? Nutty me. come to think of it i how will i join my name sef? Abeg help me think. that will be a very long one. We will edit.

Someone asked me today how I came about the name zinger. I told him and I will tell you again. I mentioned in my first ever post on my blog(check it HERE) that you shouldn't ask me but I ll tell you what I was thinking.
Actually, my nickname from way back in school was ginger. Now the ginger my swagger craze came into town and I just dint like it cos everyone would see ginger and start saying swagger*nasty look*. So I just gave it a slight twist and changed the G to Z. don’t ask me why I chose the alphabet Z. I sha know it sounds unique and uncommon. Well, I heard later that there is zinger burger @ KFC, we aint related in any way. Sure you are cool with that.

Fast one from me in less than a week, more to come.
Work load has stylishly reduced at the office.Thank God for That. Please help me beg my project supervisor to approve my proposal. I tire o!. Since all these months.

Focus and remember it’s all about time and chance plus favour. 'Luck' might not be the right word to use.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Love y’all.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Dear Mom and Plenty Talk

This is a belated post (I left it hanging for some days)

Good timing. Happy Mother’s day. I was going to write something about parents. Mothers, to be specific, this is because I have spent more time with mine in my growing years. Long-time no write. Actually, I was caught in between busy work schedule and trying to juggle other stuff along with it. Busy me as usual.

So what I was writing then and still writing now is the level of trust between parents and children. Yeah right I caught that grin on your face. From my own point of view the level of trust is basically built in our teenage years. That’s the formative ages in which we are capable of doing all sorts of things and have started growing resistance to being corrected; having that feeling you are old enough to know what is right from wrong. We get to change over time due to Maturity, lessons learnt from hard experiences but really, the values we have from those formative years remain at the background.

My mum is strict, I mean very strict. She tells you what she wants and that is it. She hardly changes her mind. Formative years were strict for me.

Now having tried in her own little way(tho big) with God on her side, she has a clear conscience that she has done her part, and can only expect the best from her children.

Fast forward. When I got into the university, (did I mention Unilag?), mom’s office was quite close to me in school and she could make a fast trip in 5mins and come in unannounced. Well she never did that. She would simply drop me off at the hostel and drive off. When I go home for weekends it’s a normal thing and I choose whether to go home or not. At the end of the semester she comes back to pick me and my stuffs and that it. She never questioned me on money for books or the likes. I wasn’t excessive in any way. She would figure out any prank sooner or later why bother?
Yeah, the thought is here how much do our parents trust us?
Now its Mother’s day and I have to give honour to whom honour is due. Mom, I love you so much and if I come back next life I would choose you to be my mom all over again.

I have not posted in a while.  Loads of reasons, lemme see…….. I suddenly got tired of my black netbook and pawned it off within 12hrs (very impulsive abi?). I fell in love with something more feminine and colourful. Looked all over town both online and stores and finally I found it today. Yeah, a big thank you to Otunba for helping me out. I am now a proud owner of a purple netbook. Don’t ask me for the brand. It’s really nice though. KT actually told me she is happy I decided to do something ladylike for a change. (True sha).
Plenty plenty gist o!!. Been Keeping tabs despite the fact I have not been writing, and I almost didn’t forget any. I misplaced a sizeable chunk of money last week. Really can’t say how or where it got missing and seems like I have lost all hope of getting it back cos the waka of the money is not defined. Thank God for the gift of life, that is much more important. More money will come.

What’s more? Gonna be a Chief Bride’s Maid again. Am I looking forward to it?  Hmmm….(I ,mean yes). No biggie. Someone will be doing mine. Sha do quick. Now I am publicly declaring I owe only one more person that role. No more applications will be considered shikena. You will just have to pardon me, afterall the one and only Alamieyeseigha(I had to Google the spelling) was pardoned (lol).

Now that reminds me of my university alumni. (No name mentioned here). Cos I don’t want to be reported to My Oga At The Top. Really people can be so creative. No be small matter o!!T-shirts ke? And people are making loads of money. Well I had fun laffing at every joke that came from that line. Datz all. Not so bad sha, please free the guy, tho its funny.

Meanwhile someone analysed me last week and said I was quite impeccable when it comes to making decisions. According to that analysis I rarely make mistakes cos I make calculated moves. I want to do something and I have to think about how to do it in a million ways before I pick one. True or false? (well I agree except in one aspect). Yeah, that’s why I am hardly in the position to say sorry. tho I said one recently.

I almost forgot to mention I am officially off sugar. Meaning I have made a resolution not to consume processed sugar again. At least as much as possible. No more soft drinks, sweet biscuits and the likes. Why? Just a personal decision. Really, those stuffs are not good for the body and with age it begins to tell on your health. I must admit I feel better just taking water, fruits and my real food whilst making conscious effort to make my diet balanced.

Plenty gist abi? More than the original post itself. I know, no vex. Zinger has to express her thots as usual. I really missed writing. I wrote this half way since last week Sunday and completed it now(its saturday) .Don't worry i have not lost touch and i wont. More to come soon.

Congrats to the new Pope Francis. Red smoke, black smoke, white smoke?  *wink*

New week ahead, may it favour us.
Be open minded just like me (Yes i am?).
Meanwhile, this post is again belated again. I am posting this 2 days after because I ran out of internet data since Saturday.*covers face*

Happy wedding anniversary to Mr. & Mrs Adetunji.