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My Fairy Tale Story (5) Final Part.

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The final part is finally here.
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Toke had called Mayokun’s school for umpteenth time on her mobile phone, but the line kept giving an engaging tone each time. Mayokun was always back form school latest by 3.30pm while she joined him at home by 5pm.  Getting home by 5.15pm that day he was not yet back from school. Fear gripped her and as she picked her bag to go out, her phone rang.
“Hallo, please is this Mrs Akinsipe?”
“Please who is on the line?” She responded with her heart almost jumping out of her mouth.
“I am calling from St. Francis Hospital at Ikeja, your son was bought here …” She had cut the line.
She rushed out of the gate into Folusho almost tripping both of them off.
“Toke what is going on?” Folusho looked lost.
With disjointed words she explained that Mayokun was in the hospital. They rushed into the car and down to the hospital.
*********        *********        *********        *********        *********
Michael wondered; this boy was so much like him and he had given his Mom’s name as Miss Akinsipe, and smartly knew her number off hand. Could this be Toke? He was suddenly gripped with fear and guilt. He had been driving down around Ikeja and out of nowhere the little boy was in front of his car and too late in applying his brakes he had knocked him down. When the had regained consciousness, he had been able to give out his mom’s Name and number. The doctor had called her and she was on the way.

“My God, Mayokun who did this to you?” He was sleeping peacefully.
Toke looked at him all over; he had fractured his shoulder and had bruises all over his face.
“Miss Akinsipe, please calm down, he will be fine. The man that was driving the car has gone down to our pharmacy to pick up the prescribed drugs.”
Folusho led her out of the ward, trying to calm her down. “The boy needs rest and I am sure he will be fine.”
Thank God, My son is alive she thought. She couldn’t imagine what would have happened otherwise.      
*********        *********        *********        *********        *********
When Toke saw him, she pinched herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming.
Michael seeing her froze too and stared at her. God, Mayokun was his son, he confirmed to himself as he walked up to her.
She deliberately ignored any familiarity when he greeted her.
“You are the reckless driver who knocked down my son?”
“I am sorry”, Michael started; “I didn’t see him run into the road, it happened all so fast. I will be paying his bills…”
“I don’t care”, Toke cut him short. “I just want my son fine again”.
Folusho watched the entire exchange. Something funny is going on here he thought.
Micheal, left and went to check Mayokun again, seeing he was still asleep, he went to see the doctor.
Afterwards, he recalled all he had done to Toke. Who would believe he did not deliberately deny the child. He just had to convince her if he was to get anywhere close to his son. He felt so horrible with himself.
*********        *********        *********        *********        *********
Mayokun’s recovery was very fast. He enjoyed Michael’s company and also noticed how cold his mom was to him. Michael had tried talking to Toke, in vain. She simply didn’t give him the chance. He always met her at the hospital every day during visiting hours but she ignored him even when he greeted her. His son Mayokun was a darling and he always enjoyed his company. One thing he was yet to figure out was the identity of the guy who came with Toke to see their son. He wore a wedding band and Toke had none. These were questions that needed answers.
*********        *********        *********        *********        *********
The day Mayokun was discharged; he got there early in the morning.
“Hallo Uncle Mike”, the little boy beamed with a smile. “Will you come and see me at home?”
“Yes I will”, Michael responded, wondering if Toke would allow him.
Toke came in, ignoring him as usual and hugged her son.
“Sweetheart, sweet home. Grandma is so excited you are coming back today”.
Michael’s heart raced, grandma? He was completely lost now. Last time he knew, Toke was an orphan.
“Yes mom”, Mayokun’s excited voice bought him back from his thoughts.
“Uncle mike said he would come and visit at home.” Toke was mute.
“Where is Uncle Folusho?”
“He has gone back to Abuja.”
After the discharge, Michael offered to take them home, Toke hesitated but Mayokun was elated with the offer and she was forced to accept. During the drive home, he noticed she seemed to have softened unlike the initial days of the accident. The healing process had begun.
Folusho had spoken to her to hear his side of the story, and accept him if he was sincerely sorry for the sake of their son. She couldn’t deny she still loved him but the pain of the rejection was intense.
After dropping them off at home, he promised to check up on them the next day. He kept to his words and soon became a regular visitor. Mayokun was really fond of him, if only he knew that was his real dad.

“Toke, I don’t know how to start or even what to say, all I did wasn’t deliberate, and you would know that no guy would claim such knowing he was fully protected. I am just regretting everything I did. I had to sack you because I could bear to see you again after I thought you betrayed me.”
“Toke, please say something.”
There was nothing to be said except to cry. She had known he was coming to apologize when he had invited her out. He had been a regular caller at home all because of Mayokun. She had a mother-daughter chat with Grandma and she had told her the first point of recovery for her was forgiveness. It was quite obvious Michael has realized he was wrong and admitting it ready to make things right.
She had forgiven him although he had not formally apologized. He was doing it now.
“Toke”, he called her
“Yes”, she whispered.
God!! She was already crying, he expected it but it still came as a shock to him.
“Please for the sake of Mayokun and the Love we once had, please let us forget the past and move on. I accept the blame.”
“It’s okay, there is nothing I can do. Thank God he saw me through the difficult period.”
“Thank you so much” he said as he took her hands and squeezed it with relief.
Afterward he tried to chat about Mayokun and his early days, but it was very tense getting her to talk. He decided to take her home. Over time they would blend.
*********        *********        *********        *********        *********
“You are telling me you took him back after all he did to you?” Tinuke queried her.
“I had to for the sake of Mayokun, besides I can’t keep hiding my feelings, I still love him.”
“Anyway you have made your choice and….” A knock at the door interrupted her.
Mayokun, rushed to the door and opened it.
“Daddy, you are late”, he accused Michael.
“I am sorry” he said with his hands raised up in surrender.
Getting to the sitting room he saw the Tinuke and Toke.
“Good evening”, he greeted Tinuke and Hugged Toke.
Everything went silent and you could hear a pin drop. It was heavy with meaning.
“Well…” Tinuke started, “I will take my leave now”. Completely ignoring Michael
“So soon”? Toke asked?
“Yes I have to go see my mum”.
“Are we still fighting?” That was a question that was out of Michael’s lips before he realized it.
“No please, excuse me, Michael” He was standing in front of her.
Toke suddenly aware of the tense atmosphere, sent Mayokun off to meet Grandma.
The moment the little boy left, Tinuke let it all out.
“Michael, I just find it difficult to forgive you for what you did.  If not for Folusho and his parents, do you think you would be proud to call Mayokun your son? Toke has a good heart else you wouldn’t be here now.”
Micheal had been bombarded every now and then by everyone that knew the story. His father had come so hard on him he was lost to himself for some days. Toke was on the verge of tears cos he was always so down after such encounters. This is another of such.
“I am sorry Tinuke. I know you and Toke are just like sisters. I am sincerely sorry. I wish I could change time to correct my mistakes, I am back to make it right for good.”
 “Let us forget the past and move on.”
Toke cut in,
“I am here standing. The pain is all over.”
Tinuke gave him a wicked look and extended a warm embrace look.
“I will kill you if you try it again.”
They all laughed in unison.
I was all over at last.

Yeah, finally this is all over, my fairytale story that took forever.
I admit I am a crappy writer. You can add lazy to it.
Anyway ending the story now is like a burden off my chest. I will be careful of the promises I make in the nearest future.
Plenty, plenty gist. I have forgotten most of it sha. Too many happenings in recent times.
I missed a family reunion due to some silly set off peeps, but really like the saying goes every disappointment is a blessing, true for me this time. I would have been cruising on a vacay/reunion and missed on something equally good. Maybe I should become more proverbial and say ’you can’t eat your cake and have it’. I think that fits too. Well summarily, everything works together for good to them that love God.
Been outta town for a considerable number of day, boring but really, it’s the only opportunity I have to rest, infact that’s why I am able to conclude my story. If I am in Lasgidi…I trust myself, I will be roaming up and down looking for what is not missing.
My latest addiction is “Telemundo”. AkA swaps* Lola Lola* for football now. Hmmm, not my fault, It’s that bad, I had to go looking for a drifta hoping to watch it on my phone anywhere and anytime. It is not been connected till now, will see to that soon. Did I mention a part of me is waking up from a deep sleep? I will have to watch more of it.
My previous addiction is still dere. Funny it has not phased out. The shrink skills are now been totally played out on me. Maybe I need it. Maybe I don’t mind. Maybe I need to break down a lot of defenses. Yeah, very true.
Babies and more babies!!!. Kfash and bebe. Girl and Boy. *dancing* More to come. I am eyeing Twins for me. Am serious o!! Join me when I ring the bell of prayers.
Big hugs for Delebabe, you always have a way of giving me the hard knock. This time around I don’t mind.
I can go on and on. Still on Vacay, I offered Deronk Two days out of it, She is yet to respond. I am always nice.
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