Saturday, 12 January 2013

Abandoned Projects

How often do we have the zeal to do something and soon after you start the passion dies and you can hardly move on with it. You end up giving up on it and the dream dies without a proper burial.
The popular lines are…I want to…., I plan to….. I will soon…….continue with this or that
Yeah, happens to virtually everyone. It’s not everything we have set out to do in life that has seen the light of day and even some that saw the light of day didn't make it to the time when the sun is out.
Really, there are some situations in which we can’t help but to abandon the project we set out to do, but most times lack of proper planning is what really affects us. Not making calculated moves.
We all have abandoned projects few or many. It starts from very petty issues as little as picking a book to read, and we don’t finish reading it. This matures into more serious aspects of our lives. Things that could define our future are abandoned. For instance you could start a professional exam and after a few attempts just abandon it. Really maybe you started it because everyone is doing it or you want it for a reason maybe promotion at work, and realizing you are not ready to pay the price on the long run, you postpone it for a more convenient time which never comes and then you abandon it altogether. Really, on the long run it would come back to haunt you. I have a sizeable number of classmates that started my Postgraduate classes with and they are nowhere to be found now. I am sure some of them plan to come back soon.
You could start a business and for one reason or the other it’s not growing at the pace which you would want it and as a result of impatience you gradually pull out.  Dear friend, Rome was not built in a day. Start small and with determination and effort you would see how you will grow over time. When you pull out, you can’t get back whatever resources or energy you have put into it. You would have rather not started at all.
Don’t start what you are not sure of. Don’t start what you are not passionate about. If you have to push yourself to do it don’t bother. Don’t think it will work for you because it worked for your colleague or friend. Shoe get size na!! We all wear different sizes.
Overall, whatever we set out to do in life should revolve about planning. What you are clamouring for at the moment is already in someone’s trash can. Plan well so that you won’t fail.
Also there are projects you have the power to do and your church mind tells you that, but the fear of launching out is there because you have the mindset that; what if this doesn't work out?  You always want to remain in your comfort zone. If you don’t take risk then you risk more (I actually stole that line). Though it’s the truth.
Zig Zigler(of blessed memory) said “It was Character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through”. The honest truth is all about being disciplined. Follow through on whatever you have set out to do. Stop procrastinating. While you are in doubt someone is making it big out there and you are talking about the person. Let people talk about you too. You might be the next big thing out there if you set out to make that move at the right time.

Rumi said and I quote
”You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.
 And finally on this issue, I would leave with the following parting words; it’s not about starting, it’s about getting to the end successfully.
As usual I would say Zingerthots is all about my opinion feel free to express yours.
Now, let’s move to other things.
I chose some random blogs to follow when I started blogging, there were quite a lot but I have been inspired greatly by just a few of them. Worthy of mention is Deronk via hitnrunmullings. I subscribed to her posts and enjoy them. It’s also a personal blog which was why I got attracted to it in the first place. Keep it up dear.
Meanwhile I noticed today that the word “Blog” does not exist in the dictionary. Why?
I heard of the sad news about a young doctor that was shot in the head in the traffic. When things like this happen I wonder why. It’s so painful to know that just for a little cash or a phone, a life is taken and ……….. I don’t like hearing things like this especially when the year is just still fresh. May his gentle soul rest in peace and God will continue to keep the rest of us.
Many thanks to my ardent readers, Sola_ola actually buzzed me that I hadn’t posted in a while and I gave him my word that this weekend I would. I have a very busy schedule like I said in my last post. And with the Morale of Today’s post I don’t want to have any abandoned project again.
Elixir,congrats on that Okere, tis very correct and alright. You also said I write like I talk……hmm I don’t really agree. My writing is toned down in comparison with how I talk. Anyway, some other readers have told me that. Thanks for the observation.
It’s another weekend, and January is rolling away gradually. For those that have New Year resolutions I hope you have not derailed yet? I wish you the best. I don’t have any.
My motto for the year is “It can only get better”.
Y’all enjoy your weekend.


  1. Amazing how fast the year is running. Thanks for the mention.
    Omo it is hard at times to pick up an abandoned project o. I think the issue though is we tend to want to take giant steps, start big. But like you said, it is better we start small.
    Read about the young Doctor too. Sad loss. Though I read that the killer shot him and went on a bike like nothing happened. Makes one wonder if it is simply a robbery case. Sad still. Heard his only other sibling died some years back. God help us.

    Truly it can and would only get better.


  2. Yeah. Some of us do have abandoned projects mainly due to difficulties which is mostly born out of improper planing or overloading. We some times get involved in too much that it begins to choke us half way in.

    I have decided to use the approach of a new day = new opportunity to get things right and in perspective.

    Like yourself I don't have a new year's resolution. I'm runing with my life long plan. Getting things into perspective and working to break my own records.

  3. Life is in phases... For any project worth undertaking there must be a time to learn and then express what you have learnt while also learning and making daring moves. Like you said, it takes discipline to keep at a thing and put in the effort that will bring desired result. No one can grow by looking around, to grow one must keep a focus and align all his goals so as to maximize her potentials. All I'm saying is, a goal/ project is worth under taking for just one reason; because you think so and the thought of it excites you. Why then do you look to others to define a goal for yourself? Such goal will only end up abandoned!
    So, live your life.
    Nice one.
    Timothy Adebisi

  4. Nice 1 @ zinger. But I must emphasise the fact that, the current topic *Abandoned Projects* is very complex and complicated. Let's look at the state of our great nation NIGERIA, can you re-concile successors of varying Government carrying out the completion or continuation of projects embarked upon by their predecessors. When one is inconsistent, what is the eventual outcome?

    Same applies to the magnitude of poverty revolving all around. People embark on a particular career or job and for different reasons tilt their path all in the name of trying to make the journey to their dream faster. For instance:
    I know of a car mechanic very good at the job but at the peak of the introduction of Danfo buses, he was attracted to the daily return attributed so he was very quick to abandon his skill set to settle for the supposed option B and today really has nothing to show.
    At the peak of the introduction of new generation banks in the country, a great number of the employed left their the so called old generation for the new generation, today, we bother about job security.
    We ve heard about vulcanisers, traders, craftsmen, farmers etc who excel so well in their fields because they started out (THE PROJECT) sustained their interest, maintained consistency and get optimal results at the medium/long run.
    In the real sense of it a host of us are guilty of this in one area or the other. So I say thank you for treating this topic as it would establish profound consciousness in us all.

  5. Mixed feelings, a little bit of seriousness, pointing fingers and personal life, that's what you get when you come to zingerthots. So am saying its where she shares her thoughts, it could be ugly, but it's hers.
    Excellent work here... and yet she writes as she speaks, maybe with filtered words, but message still loud and clear.

    Motor for the year “It can only get better”!
    come to think about it... that makes two motors in one year

  6. I have a lot of abandoned projects and sometimes I wonder where to start from again. one major thing I have gained from the above is clearly to start small. That I shall adopt henceforth.
    And by the way, its getting better already.


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