Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Proposal Palava.

This happens to be a topic which I have thought of writing about since O!

For sometime now I have been taking closer attention at the way and manner in which guys propose. Normally, I would have just said wow!!! depending on the way it is done but now its getting to the extreme cos I now take my time to rate the guy as Romantic or not.

I have friends and colleague at work whom i have used to carry out my survey and disappointingly(hope dts correct) majority of them(about 90%) were not proposed to. Makes me scared O!!! cos I want a cool proposal(not really WOW!!), at least something i can tell my kids and have them grinning about.
Basically, most of them just got the direct question.... When can I come with my folks to meet yours? And That"s it. yeah, I get the fact that once the intention is known by the lady that the guy wants to marry her there might not be any reason to do it, but I feel it should be done. Its a formal way of saying I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!. its called a proposal and should be accepted or not.

Let me get to the couple of examples I have.

Mind you, my focus is on the Nigerian man kinda  proposal not whites o!

Am gonna start with a room mate of mine back in school. when I saw it on her face book page I was tripped
The guy actually proposed to her during office hours by placing a banner at an angle close to her office where she could easily see it.  The banner was so conspicuous that her colleagues started wondering what it was about till they saw the inscription on it read her name followed by .... Will You Marry Me? she was still in shock when someone tapped her from behind and lo and behold she turned back to meet the guy on his knees with the ring. That what I Call a Wow !!! kinda proposal.

My next example is the recent Miss tourism Nigeria that her boyfriend of nine months proposed to her by display that will you......? on the cinema screen when they went to watch a Movie. I can imagine how the cinema must have been at that moment. wild with excitement , how much more the lady who forgot to say yes, till her friend reminded her she was supposed to say YES. very Romantic one there(though Movie don end for them sha)

 There are various example, the coded ones that is done in the room the semi open ones done at eatries where the guy drops a ring in the ice cream and bla bla bla.

Well, my bottom line is this: the way a guy proposes to his lady is a clear indication of how romantic he is.
I pray i get a romantic proposal and not the other way(a big AMEN to that).

Being a while I dropped a few lines but I hope to drop more soon.(after my exams sha)
Also the issue of the Blog award is around the corner, Lindaikeji got my votes last year.
I hope my Blog gets to see the light of day soon in order to be recognised as a blog to contend with.

You all have a colourful weekend.


  1. My gf was about to break off d relationship and d next weekend i went came over with my parents to meet her people. That was the only damage control i could do. Today, she(Now my Dear wife) laughs at me and say, i was scared and ran to call my parents.

  2. I did not propose. Just told her i like her and then she told me love grows and then after 4yrs we just said, let's get these parents to meet jare. I'm tired of living alone jare.

  3. Proposal via SMS nko? That one romantic small na....

  4. "The way a guy proposes to his lady is a clear indication of how romantic he is." Hmmm, totally disagree. My husband told me from day one that i was the kind of woman he would like for a wife and after about three years of courtship, he said, "Ok, it's time the parents meet." Does that mean he is not romantic? i don't think so. My husband writes me poems, leaves me love notes around the house, writes on the walls (tiles o) and mirrors, sends me suprise gifts and helps me around the house. How more romantic could he get? And all these after marriage o, not during the pretence dating period. I'll forfeit an unreal proposal for a lifetime of romance any day.

    P.S: The truth is the proposal thing is a foreign idea that we nigerians are trying to copy along with a lot of other foreign ideas we just want to do sha such as Halloween. Imagine nigerian schools telling parents to come and pay for their children's Halloween costumes. What???? I'm sorry but i do not want to see my child in a vampire costume or a batman suit. All these are foreign to my nigerian nature and i would rather remain a TRADITIONAL NIGERIAN.

  5. lucky you. Your husband is one of the rare ones out there. Not some I have seen. The Pre wedding romantic moves counts alot for me.

  6. Pre-wedding romantic moves don't guarantee anything. It's like the Cock. very romantic pre-mating, post mating, the next hen on heat is game.
    That he was direct should already tell you he's a str8 fwd no games kind of person. Not everyone will be a don juan and not every don juan guarantees a joyous marriage.


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