Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 review and 2013 in view.

 Just as soon as it started, it coming to an end.
The high points and low points.
 Despite all, I am privileged to be alive after going through 2012. All thanks to Almighty God.
This post might be a long one and in view of that it might have a second part #Dancing#. Me sef don de get part 1 & 2. Moving up you know.
Anyway straight to business, my review of 2012, is a mix of emotions. Like I said earlier the most important thing is you and I are alive to witness the year end and we are definitely expectant of what lies ahead in 2013.
I would run down month by month(Don’t think I actually remembered all that happened o!!!, I take notes which I use as my prayer points in my daily devotion. Trust me; it helped me a lot this year in particular. In case you are wondering what devotional its ‘Open Heavens” *wink* 2013 Edition is out, grab your copy now.
So the summary begins;
Started on a low note o!!!. *(I mentioned that in my post” christmas in the air). For Nigeria, we all can remember the Occupy Nigeria protests. One Straight week of no work, the Gani Fawehinmi Park and the activities there at that period. The Betrayal of the labour leader to us and bla bla bla… Nigerians are rugged sha.  And my chuhuwawa nephew clocked two years.
# Boko haram#
Hmmm….my dear mom is ok is all I can say. Twas by his Grace that’s all I can say.  Jummy tied the knot. What happen in Nigeria? Nothing notable I can remember. Yeah, I almost forgot, it was a leap year, 29 days. That’s what affected Christmas day oh! Else Christmas would have been on a Monday and then the holidays would have been longer and sweeter merged with the weekend.( imagine the way am thinking, but that’s the truth).
# Boko haram#
I am actually blank on this month. What really happened? Ok, it was Bebe’s Birthday, and what else?
God smiled back at me.
# Boko haram#
April .
Of cos it was the resurrection month, Easter. Bomb blast here and there (you don’t expect me to have such details, ask channels tv).
 # Boko haram#
Kenny b was plus One, yeah and My god-daughter, Fiyin dear. Yeah and I can’t forget Beji. It was Two(2) years she passed on. And the high point of there was my nephew’s long awaited arrival. Thank God he didn’t come on democracy day(lol). Tho he would have chilled a bit till June*wink*# Boko haram#
My month. You know we June celebrants are unique.
Unique month for me. My bday(got a surprise cake for that, thanks to Otunba), my big sis birthday and my Dad’s remembrance (wow!!! 13yrs). I don old o!!.
Notable for this month was the Dana plane crash. Lord I ask that you console the Families affected.
I pray it never happens again.
# Boko haram#
Yeah, something came up. Brb.
# Boko haram#
Floods displace people from their homes. Very touching, Landlords now staying at temporary camps.
 As long as there is life there is hope.
I had an August visitor.
Oops I almost forgot to mention that we went to Olympics and came back with nothing. Like a friend would say, nothing is quite expensive
# Boko haram#
# Boko haram#
The celebration of love was plenty. Weddings and introductions galore.
Hmmm, I can remember all . yetty mama, Damie&Osagie, Dela&Muyi(High point for me)
Obama won his 2nd Term in office. Good one for me. Michelle is sure a lucky woman. Not like patience isn’t lucky but 2015 will tell.
Celebration of love too.
Ladi and Toni (so sowie I couldn’t make it). I love you guys nonetheless.
Ak….. Tks for my christmas gift. This December was the exact opposite of last year. I am so excited.
Yeah , I heard the world was gonna end too this month, guess there was a mathematical error somewhere.
December aint over yet o!! Anything can still happen In the few hours left. Remain expectant.
Sure you noted the ash tags with boko haram at the end of each month. There was Bomb blasts here and there.
Lots of lives were lost every month both reported and not reported. Painful for the families and friends and to everyone who has a human conscience that cares. May the Lord touch the wicked souls of these perpetrators of evil so that we will have a better story to tell in 2013.
Lots of other things happened in 2012 which I can’t remember all and I didn’t even hear of most sef.. … God help us all.
Looking forward to an eventful 2013, my slogan for that year is “it can only get Better” that the only option I have for that year. Three things in mind for me to do.(Don’t ask me)
Meanwhile, I decided to wrap it all in one post, (I guess I aint ripe yet for a two(2) part post. I will get there soon.)
For everyone that stood by me in 2012 I love you so much, for those who turned their backs I love you more and for those who didn’t hear from me at all I love you the most.
See you all in 2013, cos we are going to get there together.
Happy New Year in advance.


Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas.

Finally its here, Christmas 2012.
Way back in January, we would have said December is still far now, but here it is.
Thank God for his mercies.
Rice, chicken, hampers, lights, songs, parties, carnival and all sorts are all over town.
Alas all will soon be over and the New Year begins and the next Christmas come and the cycle continues.
Year in year out, having the breathe of life is just more than enough reason to celebrate Christmas.
Ever since I was knowledgeable enough to know what the celebration entails, Christmas in my house has always been a family affair. We all go to church, come back, cook the traditional Christmas fried rice(kudos, to mom) and we share with our neighbours and stay indoors. We could have a couple of visitors and really that’s Christmas for us,
This year is however different. Things have changed, venue sef has changed but the gift of life is still there, which is the most important. There is still rice o!
I would implore us to see the season as a time to share and reach out to the needy, put a smile on their faces and they will pray for you sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.
I haven’t posted for a while, been quite busy, traffic in Lagos is gangsta and I wonder where all the aliens in the traffic came from because the human beings in Lagos aint that much (I fink so).
In other news, a lot is happening and am loosing track of it all.
Yeah,  happy One Month wedding anniversary to DelaMuyi. I will be there to celebrate One year and beyond with you and your kids by Gods Grace.
Happy birthday to my dear nephew too, *kisses*
What else? I guess I can’t remember.
I am feeling so sleepy already and I determined to write this cos it’s been a while I posted. Abeg make I no loose touch.
Have a merry Christmas everyone and please don’t forget the reason for the season is Christ. Reverence him and move closer to him.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Do you love your job?

My Job….. Yeah I love what I do. (I said that with a passion).
Yes I repeat I love it. (Though I wouldn't mind a pay increase……, of course everyone wants that no matter how much you earn)
It’s what I was trained to do.
I am doing it well but I can do better.
I am a certified Insurance Underwriter (Google it please).
There is nothing as cool as doing what you enjoy and being good at it.
Not just waking up daily to go earn a salary at the end of the month.
Unfortunately that is what really happens out there.
Just a few of us get what we really want.
The bad part is that some of us don’t even know exactly what we want to do.
Choice of study in the university is not a defining factor of where you will eventually work in our present day Nigeria.
The concept actually is to get a degree first, and then whatever will follow.
When I got into the university I had no clue about what my course was all about. (I didn’t tell my Mom o!) I just knew I was there to get a degree.
My wakeup call was during my industrial training (I.T). I had the practical experience and that was when I realized that I wasn’t too inclined to my field of study. I didn’t think twice, I wanted to go into something that came to me naturally. I didn’t have to be pushed to do it.  I realized I didn’t really like figures (I choke when I see plenty of it) .Yeah, I got it right eventually. Random reading, I was always attracted to a particular set of books, Insurance underwriting. Like playo! I started to write exams. And here I am today. I have been able to define a path for myself in that career. I must admit it wasn’t easy but I give myself credit that I have done well in the shortest possible time.
Now that I blog I never knew I could be this good in writing, though I remember I used to write short poems back when I was in secondary school. (I have to look for that poem book sef)
I believe it’s never too late to change course in life. Better late than never.
Mistakes might have been made in the past but when we are able to make it right, you realize what you have been missing and then you have that feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. Although I understand the fear factor is always there.
Funny enough, some of us do find ourselves doing what we didn’t bargain for and we blend so well into it. It becomes what we are passionate about and get to develop ourselves into it. It works for some people. However on the long run if you don’t enjoy it, it leads to frustration.  (Looking at it from another angle, Nigerians are rugged when the pay is good even if they are not enjoying the job).
Honestly in certain situations, we don’t have a choice but to do the job either we like it or not. However If we can do it lets try change to something we desire.
A few times I crave for a change but it doesn’t come from the bottom of my heart. I love it in this profession. The organization I work for might change but what I do remains the same. (Except of course when I become an entrepreneur).
I draw a saying from Pastor Taiwo Odukoya here; “if there is one winning habit we must cultivate, its focus; determining what constitutes a distraction and what demands our focus”
Our job should not be a distraction but our focus.
Like I always say, just my thought, yours might be different from mine, feel free to express it.
Still in the season of Christmas.
I can sing like in the opera, call me to hear that unique voice. However, my pay is per minute. Lol.
Happy for Bibi, I am over excited with the progress you are making.
Dedonzubi, thank you so much for helping me out today, tis much appreciated.
Any news out there? NOI’s mom is yet to be released. I sincerely wish she comes back hale and hearty.
Holy Ghost Congress Started yesterday.  SIGNS & WONDERS.  Running till Saturday 15th Dec. I guess they show it on one of the Dstv channels at night (can’t remember the station, Try and look for it.).
Y’all enjoy the rest of the week.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Those Occasions and Moi.

 I have/had a healthy dose of occasions to attend in the last two months and I did a rundown of the ones I have been able to go to or will go to and it wasn't impressive at all.
For some I have good excuses for not being there, and for some I was just being lazy and for the rest….. I don’t know.
My apologies to occasions I didn't /won’t attend (both in arrears and in advance).
Pls don’t hold it against me. The most important thing is that I have you in mind.
So that brings me to my thought for today (actually, I have been thinking about it for some time just getting it out of my head today).
In modern times in the era of Blackberry, social networks and other form of communications, do we really need to be physically present at all occasions? (Don’t bark me down yet o!!).
Apart from the item 7, what is really important is your show of support. (Well, that’s what I think)
We all show support in different ways.
We use celebrants and couples as our display pictures days before the occasion and after sef.
We tag them on their Facebook page and we comment on their status.
We call them and send text messages.
We could show also send our gifts before and after the occasion.
They can see all that themselves.
Really, we can modify things to suit modern technology and reduce stress.
Like, live streaming of the wedding for friends to view.
Then the occasion itself is graced important family members and close friends only.
It doesn't always have to be a noisy affair.
I am indifferent about a large crowd, but I wouldn't opt for it when I have options. I might not do what i have written so far, but if i am in control i would do it.
I really hope you understand I am talking from the point of view of a non-faaji person (not the partying type)
Saving cost in every possible way is what I would gladly opt for. It’s just that the general 9ja mentality makes us do it the usual noisy way. Else peeps would read meanings to it by saying stuffs like they are broke or she is pregnant that’s why it’s a silent affair. Really, whatever the case may be, the life after the ceremony is what is important.
Just my thoughts as usual, feel free to express yours.
Any new gist?
Hmmmmm….. lemme think.
i am adding a few touch ups to spice up my posts. (sure u noticed the pix., courtesy Beji Events)
Otunba has been MIA for a while, where are u?
@Sola_O..... Don’t fall my hand.
Bibi & Kenny B… *hugs.*
AK….. You should be reading your book and not this, lol.
As the holidays draws closer please stay safe.
Happy weekend to y’all.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas in the Air…..

I got to the office this morning and the Christmas d├ęcor was awesome. Wow!!! Its the Christmas spirit again. I flashed back to what I did on the 1st of December.
I spent quality time to say thank you to my God for taking me thus far. He has been awesome, wonderful, excellent, good, and glorious to me and my family and friends.
I felt excited after thanking him and I had this sort of robust confidence that more is still to come before the year ends.
It is a season that is always exciting for me.
Reason being that it’s a time for me to reflect back on how the year had been.
For me this year started on a flat note and is ending on a high note. (You won’t understand).
Every year I write a list of my expectations for the New Year and work toward that list. (I usually leave the list in my daily devotional so I see my list every day)
Funny enough this year I didn't write any list.
I had a thought that I always limited myself to that list and I wanted to go beyond whatever would hold me back. No bench-marking  just to Cross boundaries and look back to see how well I have done and of cos with the help of God.
Now it’s December again.
I have looked back and things have happened that wouldn't have been on my list if I had written one.
Indeed God has been good to us all.
Birthdays, Naming ceremonies, Weddings, Promotions, various celebrations here and there.
As much as we thank God for the good things he has done for us, there were a lot of bad things which happened and for the fact that you are reading this it didn't happen to you.
Honestly, more good things to come in the remaining 28days of the year, just believe in my God
For now I can only say thank you to God.
Y’all have the remaining 28 days of the year to join the list. (If you wish).
It’s a season of celebration. Look over whatever regrets you might have had during the course of 2012.
Look at the brighter side.
Whats happening around?
Happy Belated Birthday to My super Duper Pastor. God Bless you sir.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Ladi&Toni, as well as Adebiyi.

The Experience 2012. Awesome Praise singers in the house. Sing for Joy into @2013. this Friday 7th December 2012(hopefully i might be there)
Holy Ghost Congress of RCCG is coming up from 10th -15th of this month.
THEME: Signs & Wonders (you can’t afford to miss it)

Wishing you a wonderful December ahead and a period to grab all outstanding blessings for 2012.


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sleepy Head........

3 pm on a Wednesday afternoon and am feeling so sleepy.
I have yawned uncountable times today already. I wish I could get a soft bed to sleep on just for two hours.
I had a very beautiful and stressful weekend, I am using that combination because, it was quite busy yet I enjoyed every moment of it. Congrats to DelaMuyi. I am very happy that I was a part of the celebration. Sure you guys are enjoying your honey moon already.
No serious thoughts recently (sowie!!!).
I need mention i have a stalker now. 08131361091. Thats the number o!!!. Calls me and wont talk. I call back and its not answered(i wonder who the Freak is). Pls Take note for me in case..........
Also,I have been watching more and more movies lately.
I have loads of them on my hard drive and I just kind of decided to watch them after all this while. So no matter how tired I am when I get home I try to watch something before bedtime.
Meanwhile, my project has been abandoned for a while. I wonder why o! (See silly question). Ok I do have an answer; I really want a new supervisor. (Won’t say more than that.).
In other news:
I think there is nothing spectacular going on these days.
Except of cos Christmas in the air.
Maybe am not so excited because it’s on a Tuesday (it’s not joined to the weekend).
I haven’t seen any hamper or gift o!!.
I am highly expectant sha.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Monday, 19 November 2012

For the love of kids.

Start off note is that whenever you need a good laugh, just hang out with kids
From 4 yrs to 12yrs to be precise. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.
I teach kids in church and for a while I have been away. Just last Sunday, I got to teach them again.
I had a good laugh and I realized I had really missed them.
Kids talk innocently and honestly, they do not see anything wrong in expressing their opinion no matter how silly it may sound to an adult. Asking very awkward questions, giving you information you don’t require from them .All I do is get a good laugh out of it.
I love their competitive spirit. They are always hyper active in order to stand out.
Usually, I ask them what they had for breakfast before church and I get so many answers, no kidding me, whatever they eat they will gladly tell you from the innocence of their minds and even go further to tell you what they ate the previous night and so on.
Most times when I get home I think back to how the class went and I realize I am laughing alone just remembering a few things about them.
I remember vividly last year, we when we started rehearsals for our carol service, some of the kids seemed a bit reluctant to sing, nevertheless I tried to get a few of them to start off.
The day of the carol service eventually came and the kids that were going sing were given Christmas caps to wear onstage. Before I knew it I had lots of kids crying that they were going to sing because they wanted caps. Thank God I had extra caps so I accommodated the few I could take. I then arranged them in a way that the new kids joining would be at the back.
Another issue came up when some of them said the light on their caps wasn’t coming on. (No be small matter o! see crying o!). I had to plead with the patient and a bit older ones to take the caps that had no lights.
Set to go onstage after settling the cap issues. We had three songs to sing, the first song was to start when they were filing out on stage and the second and third song to be rendered when they are on stage. They were meant to exit the stage whilst rounding up the third song; apparently they got carried away and finished the third song whilst still on stage.  Hmmmmm…….  No song to sing while leaving stage. Seeing all that I started to signal to them from where I was that they should just file out quietly, but they didn’t see me. The next thing I heard was’ Aunty said it is the last song we should sing when going out” and that was the kid holding the microphone saying that right into it!!!.  Everyone just started laughing and clapping for them. Lol. They got off the stage eventually.
This year now with Christmas around the corner, I have to avoid the same mistake that was made last year. Better presentation. Hopefully get them more co-ordinated.
Let’s try to hang out more often with kids; we sure have a lot to learn from them. Ease off the tension by getting a good laugh from them.
In other news……………..
No news actually.
Have a splendid week.

Friday, 16 November 2012

How do you break up a relationship?

 Just got a call from my very good friend and it had to do with her ex boyfriend calling to break off their relationship officially after about four months of unofficial break up.
Straight off here I have classified. Official & unofficial breakup.
What it means to me, I would explain, my understanding might be different for yours.
Official means you coming out clean to your prospective ‘ex’ that you are no longer interested in the relationship and give a reason for your action no matter how petty such reason might be.
Unofficial is usually started by withdrawing, blanking out, giving excuses for not calling or seeing and gradually a distance is created and it is expected that the relationship when starved will die a natural death.
As usual, after I did this breakdown it got me thinking. What is really the best way to break up a relationship?
Take note here that am not asking WHY you want to break up; I am asking HOW you want to do it.
I think back to what I have done or see people do and really I fink there is no sane way to do it.
No soft landing when it comes to breaking up.
I am sure a few people would say they have never broken up a relationship (yeah right, you probably married your first love).  Majority of us have done it at one time or the other including our parents and grandparents and beyond .Either officially or unofficially.
Honestly speaking I have done both ways, and I have experienced it being done to me as well.
Both ways hurt, but from experience I would say unofficial is worse.
Reasons; it’s like dying slowly. You are in suspense and you don’t know what to think, which in turn makes you assume and your assumption may be wrong. You keep thinking far and wide to figure it out.
For relationships that are very closely knitted it could be painful for the party that is kept in the dark. You keep wondering what you have done wrong and yet you can’t seem to figure it out. You miss the calls, pings and chats and the sudden/gradual withdrawal as the case may be.
For the Persons that are action oriented (like a friend I used to have back then), they would start finding facts and digging for clues.For instance, they could show up unannounced at their partners place without invitation just to catch him/her unawares (I can’t do this, because I feel you may get to see or find out what would hurt you more).
Ladies especially, usually want to talk to friends to get diverse ideas and opinions both good and bad.
Another thing would be being nosey to things like checking Phones and bb messages to find out anything fishy (trust me; it’s not the best thing to do at all).
Whatever the case is we handle things differently. We have different temperaments and emotional threshold.
To break off a relationship officially is kind of matured, but I have seen situations where it doesn’t end well.
It could go two extreme ways. Breaking down into tears or violence. We have had cases where men and women have been victims of acid bath because of a relationship gone sour.
There is no one worth dying for.
If it’s meant to be, it will be no matter the situation on ground.
It should be a do or die affair.
If you have to walk away from a relationship I wouldn’t tell you to be official or unofficial about it. I would simply say be matured about it.
Study your partner (in this case your potential Ex.) and try to be as nice as possible. (I am not too sure if I have been nice sha, but I think I have been nice since
Seriously, let’s be wise about it.
I have been wiser over the years and I don’t want to get any wiser on breakup because no one will be doing that to me neither would I do to anyone again.
You could share your opinions on how you think relationships should be broken off and save a soul. (hmmmm……)
So, Bibi Dear, I have always known you to be strong and I trust you will be this time as always. Sure 2013 has the best in store you.
Meanwhile, as usual in other news, lots of things are happening. Am off Blackberry, it wasn’t easy at all sha.  I have been BB celibate for one week and am good. Android on my mind.
As usual Wink wink at the young man who took power horse to avoid sleep and is snoring as I write. I wish you all the best in your forth coming exams.
Count down to Dela babe’s wedding. I am so excited.
On a final note, Happy Birthday to Segun Bonty. (Though as usual I feel like knocking your head now).
Have a wonderful, weddingfull (so many weddings here and there) weekend.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Travails of a Single Mom.

Weird topic, I know that.
 One could be single mom “by choice or not”. My thoughts have been centered on the stated reasons in my own created categories as listed;
“By choice” could be as a result of the following reasons;
1. Getting too old and Biological clock is ticking and Mr. Right isn’t forthcoming
2. Miss independent. She doesn’t want the man wahala and she still wants to be a mother.
3. I don’t have any other. You could fill in the gap for me.
“Not by choice” would be for the following reasons as well
1. The father denies the baby.
2. Death of spouse
3. Divorce……etc
Now I got thinking about the ‘single mom by choice’ part.
Why would a lady just have the desire to be a single mom?
In this insane world I would think there is already a stigma attached to a being a “single mom by choice” (especially in Africa) but putting into consideration the craze in the western world which has really taken over our immediate environment I became nosey to dig out more reasons, because my thoughts seemed too narrow.
My findings are not any different from what my initial thoughts had been centered on, but I was able to get a clearer picture of it, very detailed one.
Really, the reasons I found were simple and straightforward. Women don’t see men as the head anymore. What a man can do, a woman can do better. Women are in heads of various positions in big companies and multinationals. They go to school as much as the men do and financially men are not any better again like it used to be in the past. So why would she need a man?
Taking a closer look at the home front reveals other issues like having her space where she calls all the shots without being questioned more like ‘My House My Rules”. No accountability to a supposed superior sex, no issue of in-laws, freedom of movement and association with desired friends, some don’t even want to change their surnames and more importantly no fear of being cheated on.
Women now go as far as getting IVF from anonymous donors just to get babies. Some just adopt, while some hook up randomly and never bother to tell the father that a baby exists, after all, she can afford to take care of the baby.
Hitting it straight now, my thoughts would be what kind of life do you want your child to live?
Just like yours?
Now, I think again about why people get married. For companionship and reproduction. (Those are the two most important)
Having read the book ‘Five Love Languages’ I learnt something very important. ‘Love is a choice’ it doesn’t erase the past but it makes the future different. It’s about being able to make sacrifices without being selfish about it.
It matters however that both parties are involved. Otherwise one gets frustrated.
No matter how independent you might claim to be, you need a masculine support at one time or the other.
There is definitely someone out there for you. You just need to lower your ego and get it right.
No matter how hard at heart you might be, you would definitely have a soft spot whenever you meet a couple with kids.
Raising a child alone isn’t easy and there will be trying times when you need a shoulder to lean on.
Someone to share the joy and the pains with.
You will always need a second opinion on every important issue.
Most importantly, the child will grow up and leave you someday and you are left with your husband (companion)
Gary Chapman says that someone has to keep that emotional tank full. You need a companion to do that.
“Single mom by choice”, definitely not a good idea for me.
I pray we won’t be victims of the other choice.(Amen)
Meanwhile in other news, Obama won !!!!. Another four (4) years as President of the United States.
Kudos to you, a Job well done.
Michelle is a very Lucky Lady.
Mitt, sowie, just not your turn yet.
I read his winning speech and as usual he was on point.
The Obama family is one I admire so much. (I actually had them in mind when I wrote my last post ‘Boy or Girl’).
Beautiful tinz still happening.
*wink*wink* @ AK.
(I think this is my longest post)
Enjoy the rest of your week.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boy or Girl

Mama na ….. (Boy or girl)
New thot.
"Gender issue".
What is in the sex of children who are gifts from God?
A gift no man can create and give you.
It’s not sold in the market neither is it online.
You can ask for it and God has the option of giving you or not.
Even when he is gonna give you; he determines the time to do it.
You have no control over what you get.
So why would you discriminate? Why would you say I want a boy or it’s a girl I want?
What you are making a choice over, someone else would gladly accept whatever comes their way due to years of delay and waiting on God.
Boy or girl doesn’t matter at all
Accept what you get.
It shouldn’t all be about the family name.
That’s d tales from the past.
most times people accept whatever comes as the first, but start stressing on subsequent ones.
There is hardly anything a man can do that a woman won’t be able to do (except ……. #clears throat), so what’s the fuss all about?
Big ups to my Mom. Four wonderful ladies and a charming gentle Man. She couldn't have asked for a better combination.
There was this story I heard of a man who wanted a male son badly after 3 female children already. At the fourth attempt he refused to show up at the hospital the moment he heard the news that his wife delivered a baby girl again. Kilode? Tell me he won’t spoil a male son silly when he finally comes.
Honestly, the discrimination is peculiar to some cultures, but nevertheless individuals have their own personal drives for what they want.
Not wanting a girl says a lot about what value you attach to the feminine gender. We are your Mom, Sister, Aunty, Niece, and Grandma and so on. The male folks can’t do it alone.
Appreciate God for whatever he has given you and mold it to your desire.
My thots as usual.
Yours might be different. Feel free to express it.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Career My Foot.

Deep thoughts as usual.
That’s what zingerthots is all about.
I just finished watching the Movie ‘Married but Living Single’. Awesome one I must say.
In terms of the story line o!
 I am not in the position to start saying anything about the cast, who acted well or not. (Though that dude, Joseph Benjamin ………*wink*)
I saw something in that movie that I wouldn't want to experience.
 The Overbearing Career versus family life.
The movie showed me a new dimension to the career thing entirely.  
My husband will be the best in the world and we will have the loveliest set of kids that anyone would proud of, so why should I allow my career to stand in my way?
Why will I have a career that would come before my husband and kids?
My commitment to relationship and family values is much more important.
Why bother getting married if career is really the ultimate?
I don’t envy any career woman out there if she achieved all she has at the expense of her family.
Don’t get me wrong here, career is important; its just that family should always come first.
Maintaining the right balance is what is much needed here.
 Prioritize effectively and efficiently.
Delegate as much as possible.
I need to mention the wife battering part of the movie where Mr. Patrick lost his wife, and as a result lost his job and went into depression.
These are food for thoughts here.
Run from any abusive relationship before it’s too late. It starts with the raised voice during misunderstanding or arguments and progresses to the physical touch. I wouldn't say, much on these, which would probably be another topic entirely.
Let’s get back to the career thing.
I am not referring to the female folks alone here. The men too have a part to play.
Always create time for your wife and kids. It shouldn't be all about money.
Benjamin was a good guy and he did more for the family than his wife. And what was the end result?
He needed more attention than he was getting and had to get it from some other woman outside.
Now, when it gets to that level it takes the Grace of God to save such a marriage.
 (Go and watch the movie, so much to learn from it).
The boss you are slaving for probably doesn't even appreciate that effort and is waiting for the right time to kick your ass out.
So what’s the stress all about?
Life is not all about money. Happiness and contentment goes a long way in doing the trick.
What would take me off my family responsibilities shouldn't have given me room to get married in the first place.
I am feeling so soft on this issue. I want the best for my family and I am willing to make sacrifices to make it so.
Give this a thought, better still share with someone. You could be saving a marriage.
Meanwhile, as usual things are happening. *wink*wink*
Exams are over, thank God, I am back. Expect more thots from me; I have more time to think now.
What else?

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Unanswered Questions.

Since I was a kid, I have had so many unanswered questions.

Not like I asked for answers but I probably decided to find out on my own.

Where do dogs go when they die? Heaven, hell or it just ends there? Still no answer till date. (You could tell me If you know).we had dogs as kids and whenever anyone of them died I would feel so bad and cry and it felt so real that I wish we would meet again but where is the dog going sef? i don’t know.

Do Ants talk to themselves?

Why do cockroaches still come around us knowing they will die just like their forefathers? Abi they have short memory?

How can you turn to a dog when u pick money on the floor? (They say its jazz abi?)

How possible is it that Rent-a-Ghost could disappear without a trace when they pinch their nose and 9ja movie would use smoke when they want to disappear?

Why was spotty in super- ted so dumb? (I always felt it had a chicken pox and keep hoping for the day it will heal).

How come pinky and the brain have never gotten to take over the world?

How come I missed the only episode where they ever showed the face of the big aunty in Muppet babies?

What do babies dream of when they sleep? They dream of mom and dad or how they want to play or what? I want to enter their brain and know, but I can’t. I was once a baby and I can’t remember anything.

I remember a particular time when church crusades were really in vogue (I think it still is sha). I would see the bold words CRUSADE!!! CRUSADE!!! CRUSADE!!! Staring at me from the posters everywhere, i would want to ask my mom what it means but would decide against it and keep trying to get the pronunciation on my own. Eventually I got my own version.
CRAW-SHADE!!! CRAW-SHADE!!!CRAW-SHADE!!! My Mom wondered for days what I was saying till I pointed out proudly at one of the posters that I was right. lol. Everyone in my family still laughs at me till today. At least I made effort na!!!.

Growing up now the need to know more is still there. I wish I could know it all. I really wish.

I want to know what attracts a lady to a guy. Though funny, but I can’t explain. More like attraction sha, one u can’t explain. That gish gish and giri giri feeling? Then it just dies like that. Gbam. Kilode?

And this one is my new observation; I think the population of houseflies has reduced. Just saying what I noticed, cos I hardly see them these days. Where did they go to?

I still wonder why KT is still my friend.

Why mamacita would be asking about teddy Roxon (hope d spelling is right) on a Monday morning.
Why Ty suddenly wants to be my friend again.

What the heck do my nephews see in Ben Ten, Harry & Toto, and Teletubies?

Maybe what I also saw in voltron and super-ted, but wait, they made more sense and they talk. Except for chuckle hounds (I hope u still remember that).

All these can do without getting answers simply because they would always bring smiles on my face whenever I come up with a silly one.

The questions whose answers would never be funny are that of murder and killings.

The Aluu‡4‡.  Can’t help but mention it here.
With deep pain for the harm done to the family and a whole nation, no answers would suffice as to why.
I refused to watch the video. Hear say alone is disheartening.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that those guys will rest in perfect peace.
Judgment is for God, and I know he is a fair God.
I pray we will not be victims of circumstance by God's Mercies in Jesus Name.(Amen)
Say a prayer for God to comfort the families because words can’t simply be enough.

Still so much unanswered questions.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Everyone wants to be a blogger.
Blogs are everywhere.
Everyone probably wants to make money through Adsense.
I am beginning to wonder what the blogging business is all about asides writing.
Should it be done out of passion more like hobby or a desperate bid to get a means to making money?
It has to be a desire or more like a calling (like pastors are called by God).
You wouldn't prepare junk just to have traffic on your site. You also wouldn't copy and paste from other blogs or newspaper publication without indicating your source. We all know you didn’t write it, the story didn’t drop on your desktop either.
I read various blogs today, and I wasn’t too impressed. It’s not a must to write, make blogging a thing to be proud off. You don’t have to be petty with your stories.
Just like a reporter, the public needs facts and figures. They want to believe your stories because originality sells you out there
There are people who have been blogging for years and were not known. One day they rose up to fame. Be patient, the search light will come your way soon too. It is only a matter of time.
I read a blog that carried a story on Uti Uwanchukwu’ Gay saga today and it was quite vague. No source was disclosed at all and the story could have been made up. In fact I believe it was made up. Not good enough.
Another Blog was just copying Lindaikeji verbatin including pictures posted and all. Thats not good enough.
I am new in the blogging thing, with the little I have seen I know its progressive and over time I will perfect the skills.
I would close with a word to my fellow bloggers. Let’s keep it real, do not be a blogger because it is in vogue. Do it because you love it and it comes to you naturally and please focus on your area of interest.
I give Kudos to Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji.
Happy New Month and Happy 52nd independence Anniversary to Nigeria.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


The era of profile pictures must have started making waves in the days of Hi5 (I stand to be corrected)
Then Facebook being the most popular social network in this part of the world exploded it. Infact lately facebook got some people confused with cover photos. Blackberry made a dynamite of it. What other social network? Twitter calls it avatar. Let me stop there, cos those are the only social networks I use.
Really am gonna focus on the blackberry here.
How important is profile picture to you?
It could mean as much as what mood u find yourself when you see a profile picture.
My best kind of profile pictures are cartoon and animations. Not like I don’t like my face dere, but I love cartoons and I never get tired of their pictures. Sure I put my pweety face up too (not photo shopped o!) but I fink cartoon stays more up there.
How about birthday friends? Reminds me of a contact I have on my list that always has one picture or the other as celerants on a daily basis. I became so nosey that I had to ask that, abeg how many contacts do u have on your BB and he shocked me by saying over 300!!! Jeez, we have 365 days in a year, so why won’t u have at least one birthday daily. I hail you bros.
Still on the issue of birthday, I do have celebrants once in a while, but when ur face gets dere, sure u re very important to me. Not like others are unimpotant but there is an hierarchy. My cartoons and my face need their space.
When I get to make headlines on other peoples DP, I like it o!! Infact I love it. And I will love you more.
So rub my back I rub your back, shikena.
I must mention the fact that DP has caused plenty wahala in homes and offices and relationships, so be careful what DP you use.
And the kinda DP you use creates an impression of who u are. Huge one for that matter. (I am getting boring abi?)
So am gonna close here by saying ur DP is an indication of who you are.
Mine indicates am playful. (at least I fink so). Payne, would be a good judge of that.
I Need to say, happy married life to Mrs Chutzpah. KennyB, dt was one wonderful Decoration I saw there. I believe in you dear friend.
To Missy, the countdown continues. 
Y’all have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The confidential God

I was sitting down at my sister’s office reception chilling for her to round up her work for the day so we could hit the road and start off the weekend. I need to say the fact that I am in Ibadan city, yes, dts where I have been for about three days now. Don’t ask me what I came for.
Yeah my first paragraph has gone without the topic o! lemme not digress again.
As I was saying sha, whilst sitting there, I opened my twitter and saw a tweet by basketmouth (yeah I de follow am). The tweet said #theworldwouldbeabetterplaceifwecanreadeachothersmind#. 
Try to cast your mind back as an individual, and figure out how many times you have told a friend a secret or a private thought in confidence and that secret comes back to haunt you. Personally It has happened to me a number of tyms and not only friends, ex-bfs included, at those tyms when u are still lovestruck u tend to spill some tinz and when its tym to waka u get a healthy dose(plus jara) of the secret thrown in ur face, shattering ur mind more and making u wish u had shut up. 
I told you, its not like u read my mind and u rub my secret back in my face. 
So try to imagine you being able to read my mind.
Realizing how unreliable friends can be, I then remember my God who sees it all. He would never spite u for what you have done, or about to do.
He is so confidential. He is the only one who would never rat you out. 
It’s so overwhelming when u have to talk to him and you are so relaxed cos u know that your secret is safe. It couldn’t be safer anywhere else.
So really, basket mouth might see it from another perspective but I am seeing it from this angle so I stand to be corrected.
And your contributions are welcome (abeg pls comment on my blog na, else I mention names in my next write up. ) #sobs#. Seriously help me be the dream blogger I wanna be, my humble small start in blogging needs ur help to be recognized.
Meanwhile, beautiful things are happening o! (but na coded level sha)
Anyways, Ibadan is cool, ups n downs, traffic level is quite ok o! Seriously, at 7am the roads are still empty. (If I see dt in lasgidi, it means they are robbing niyen, I ll just go back home)
And did I mention that since I entered dis city three days ago I haven’t spent a kobo? I have been chauffeured about like a VIP(are u jealous?). 
And I must mention my awesome Nephews; I have really missed them so much. “Aunty sunmi” lol. Wonderful kids.
Lasgidi here I come 2moro (no more free rides) #sadface#
Y’all have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Proposal Palava.

This happens to be a topic which I have thought of writing about since O!

For sometime now I have been taking closer attention at the way and manner in which guys propose. Normally, I would have just said wow!!! depending on the way it is done but now its getting to the extreme cos I now take my time to rate the guy as Romantic or not.

I have friends and colleague at work whom i have used to carry out my survey and disappointingly(hope dts correct) majority of them(about 90%) were not proposed to. Makes me scared O!!! cos I want a cool proposal(not really WOW!!), at least something i can tell my kids and have them grinning about.
Basically, most of them just got the direct question.... When can I come with my folks to meet yours? And That"s it. yeah, I get the fact that once the intention is known by the lady that the guy wants to marry her there might not be any reason to do it, but I feel it should be done. Its a formal way of saying I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!. its called a proposal and should be accepted or not.

Let me get to the couple of examples I have.

Mind you, my focus is on the Nigerian man kinda  proposal not whites o!

Am gonna start with a room mate of mine back in school. when I saw it on her face book page I was tripped
The guy actually proposed to her during office hours by placing a banner at an angle close to her office where she could easily see it.  The banner was so conspicuous that her colleagues started wondering what it was about till they saw the inscription on it read her name followed by .... Will You Marry Me? she was still in shock when someone tapped her from behind and lo and behold she turned back to meet the guy on his knees with the ring. That what I Call a Wow !!! kinda proposal.

My next example is the recent Miss tourism Nigeria that her boyfriend of nine months proposed to her by display that will you......? on the cinema screen when they went to watch a Movie. I can imagine how the cinema must have been at that moment. wild with excitement , how much more the lady who forgot to say yes, till her friend reminded her she was supposed to say YES. very Romantic one there(though Movie don end for them sha)

 There are various example, the coded ones that is done in the room the semi open ones done at eatries where the guy drops a ring in the ice cream and bla bla bla.

Well, my bottom line is this: the way a guy proposes to his lady is a clear indication of how romantic he is.
I pray i get a romantic proposal and not the other way(a big AMEN to that).

Being a while I dropped a few lines but I hope to drop more soon.(after my exams sha)
Also the issue of the Blog award is around the corner, Lindaikeji got my votes last year.
I hope my Blog gets to see the light of day soon in order to be recognised as a blog to contend with.

You all have a colourful weekend.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Original Excellency.

Their political excellency.
Many of them out there. They cant save their own life how much more else.
There is however this excellency, he surpasses them all. he doesnt need the support of man. 
He is the Original Excellency our creator.
I always have an awesome time in his presence and I wanna share that with you.
The King delights in the praise of his people.
I am a Praise singer for the Original Excellency. I delight in singing his praise.
Paul and Silas sang his praise and he Rose to their help.
I will never get tired of singing his praise, he delights in it and blesses me in return.
Join me and acknowledge him. 
You will never Regret.

hmmm, am sure you enjoyed that. i will not be limited to anything on my blog. 
Expect anything any time. 
Have a beautiful day.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Frienship Thiny.

They come and go.
hmm, Good and bad . I need to mention that there are the semi-Good(or semi-Bad)
Had a group discussion in church some weeks back about friends and virtually every on had something to say about a friend that betrayed them at one time or the other.
Anyway, I came to my conclusions. I need to have only two friends on the long run in my Life: Jesus and My Husband.
Yeah. that's the honest truth for me, i don't know about you.
However, by kudos to Kenny B, Mamacita, and Kfash. you guys have been awesome in the last ten years. Very awesome friends they have been. Mwaaah.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nine Months saga.

Have you ever been faced with making a tough choice that could change your life forever?
Trust me on his. you cant be too sure of what is right especially when you wish you can see the future. hmmm...... i no wan think am.
9 months ago, 9 months later(its not what you think(lol) NO babies involved).
Biko, abeg (can u imagine i am speaking ibo on top this matter)
well, I believe in God and i know he will lead me to do the right thing.
You never can be too sure as humans to do the right thing.
meanwhile, any new gist out there?
maybe not, maybe I didn't bother to find out. and maybe am not interested in any gist sef.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I am doing that on behalf of Mrs. yinka johnson. Akoba adaba, olorun ma j iari. i can imagine the Joy.Hmmm.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Opting out

Queer thot i have in mind today.
ok!!!, i wanna do something i have been willing to do for about 4mths now but i feel its morally wrong to do it. so finally after a bit of persuasion today, i succumbed.
Three hours later i wanna opt out.
i dont know the reason i agreed(maybe cos am on leave and a bit idle) but at least i know d reason am opting out.
Hmmm...... i will definitely opt out. I never can say what the consequences would be later on.

Brings me to  remember the Stanbic IBTC woman/ Lastma case.
i call it mysterious o!!
It happened in Broad day light and we cant phantom out the truth yet.
No further thots for now.

(think i wrote more than yesterday)

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Zingerthots are my thots.
 Zinger is a twist of Ginger. don't ask me how i came about that twist cos i don't know either.
Ok am just trying my hands out on blogging and i hope i can do magic with it.
whatever jare. am getting bored already. so much for an aspiring blogger.
#yawns# . sleeping is my hobby anyway.
have a great weekend.