Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Like……. I Dislike…….I am Indifferent………

I just want to rant on what could possibly define my personality. What I like and what I don’t like goes a long way to say who I am.

Trying to read up a lot of articles online about temperament and I can’t seem to fit into anyone. I have a bit of everything in me. I feel it’s all about my mood at any point in time. However I think there should be a dominant trait so please tell me.
So now I decided to do a random check of my likes and dislikes and I also added the in-between, meaning stuffs I am indifferent about. The list is what I can remember. If you can add for me abeg I don’t mind. Don’t send hard knocks sha:
I like…..
  • Sleep (with utmost peace and quiet)
  • Reading anything in print as long as it makes sense.
  • Gisting (with peeps that make sense, though it depends on my mood).
  • Children (they are so free minded)
  • my phone and note(my best buddies)
  • chocolates(sugar diet*sad face*)
  • dogs(really miss having one)
  • having just one good friend around when I need him/her most.
  • being alone when I want to, and people respecting my space.(that’s when I blank out)
  • being picky with food, I tend to stick to the usual (I hardly try out new stuffs)
  • Assuming a lot. If you don’t give me adequate info, I usually do the math in my head and come up with conclusions, either right or wrong.
  • Talking before I think sometimes cos I get my honest opinions out before I can stop it. Usually nasty though.

I dislike…….
  • Snoring (mom told me I did once, hard to believe from this my small throat)
  • When you lie to me. Truth unbarred. (Never mind if I lie to myself (lol), just tell me the truth, tho it hurts sometimes)
  • When you are mute and there is so much to say to me within you (abeg I don’t have your Unmute button).
  • Arguments.(it’s usually endless ). Reminds me of the Gary Chapman Book “Everybody wins.
  • When you Impose duties on me. If I don’t want to do it,, I simply don’t want to, kapish. (Oshi. knows that. Cos he keeps saying, If I don’t want to do it, I know the perfect way to frustrate further efforts by being nonchalant).
  • Dressing extravagantly, I love keeping it simple. ( A Good example is heavy make-up)
I am indifferent about;
  • Watching TV I can stay weeks away from it. Prefer to watch a movie on my Netbook or Note depending on my mood.
  • Parties. If it happens; fine. If not; I am fine too ( maybe finer)

Maybe you can define me based on all these, maybe not. I hope so.

New gist? Of cos there will always be.

What is it with the Jackson Family again? I tire o! Allow the guy to rest na!! . I can’t seem to fathom why they fancy the courtroom so much. Another 2-4 months again in there. *deep sigh*

Some sort of migrations going on between departments at work. Just when I decided to go off flat shoes and opt for heels.  Abeg, not yet, back to flats on week days till further notice. I can’t afford to move yet. Funny criteria sha. Na by shoe?

Public holiday tomorrow. Just one day *sadface* I want more……… Anyway, I plan to have fun. I am not sitting at home at all o!! Lemme enjoy joor.

Last weekend was quite eventful. Weddings. Happy Married Life to Bunmi & Rotimi also to Nossa. The trend this year is not thinning out at all. More to come. AK & Me played the Bestie role same day. Quite a coincidence.

On a final note, Happy Birthday in advance to Kenny B, in case I don’t get to post before Sunday (which is most likely *covers face*).  I wish to, but look up and see the first item on what I like……

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy New Month in advance.
Love y’all. 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Being Considerate.

Hesitant start up line.
It’s been a while.  I have been doing more of reading. Good for me.
My post on Impulse Buying criticized making unnecessary purchases in traffic.  I still frown at it. Just last week I read somewhere about how traffic hawkers distract you with buying their wares and they have a partner in crime who picks stuffs from your car through the other side.(that’s if your glass is wound down). You see another bomb there?
Anyway, I can say this here, but I won’t tell a friend not to buy Gala in traffic. I will only express my view that it’s not my habit.
A couple of weeks back, a colleague wanted to buy yoghurt in traffic. We were at a traffic light stop, and he decided to call the yoghurt man just when the green light came on. What do you expect? The guy wanted to sell his yoghurt and started the chase. We know what happens during the chase, the guy hands over the yoghurt, you ask for your change, and then give him the money. It hurt me to see the guy running because he had to make a quick sale of N100. My colleague however didn’t seem to realize that and was slow about the whole process. His money was still in his pocket and took him some moments to fish it out, the guy kept running and dropped his change for him, just when I thought the ordeal was over for the poor guy, my silly colleague (yeah I called him silly), went ahead to ask that he should use scissors to cut the yoghurt before he would drop his money. At that point, I couldn't keep quiet anymore and I shouted before I realized it. He looked at me and dropped the money for the guy. I went ahead to express my displeasure at his action. I told him to imagine himself running like that. He couldn't really say anything and a few other peeps in the bus also joined and said he was mean about it.  A few days later, a similar incidence happened and this was done by a more elderly colleague buying some stuff too. In fact, it was another hawker that saved the situation, because the first couldn't meet up with the bus and he had dropped the item to be purchased already. I was boiling inside. As much as I detest the traffic trade, I still have feelings for those involved because some of them are out there due to the harsh economic situations and have to earn a living.  
There are university graduates that are on the streets doing this. People lose their jobs and are forced to go into trades that is not befitting. We have people with bright futures there. They are there today but no one knows what tomorrow holds. We are all equal in the sight of God and we shouldn’t treat them without emotions.
I started with my thoughts already, how considerate are you?
The definition of considerate is being aware of and respecting other people's feelings.
Put yourself out there and picture a particular situation you might get into. How would you treat yourself?
If you find yourself in tight circumstances maybe you will appreciate the beauty of being treated with respect.
Just because he/she is a janitor in your office doesn’t make you treat him/her like a slave. They didn’t choose to be there of their own free will.
I can address anyone with respect even if I feel you are older than me. It doesn’t make me a lesser human being; neither does it diminish my value in any way. I can be nasty but, you would have crossed your boundary to see that side of me.
Be nice, be good and considerate, open to help others. If you can’t help them don’t make the situation worse for them after all they wouldn't choose to suffer on purpose.
What else to say? Picture it in your head. Give it a thought.

 What’s been happening? The rainy reason is finally showing face. Abeg the weather needs to cool down.. if me,with no fat is complaining of heat what would others do? Heat up abi?
Hehhehhehe…. My Local council Chairman was kidnapped. He has been released. They would have consulted well before doing that. He needs to meet certain conditions before release. Anyway, thank God he is back safe and sound. Hopefully, we don’t get to hear of more of such incidences.  The kidnap thing is getting hotter in Lagos here these days. It’s now a profession abi?
I think I am getting up to date with movies o! Recent ones for that matter (doesn't stop me from still seeing the old ones as usual sha). G.I Joe, Identity Thief,Oz,the Great & Powerful…….. Lining up for 'Olympus has fallen'.  Mopping up box office niyen. Na Money sha. Come and pay me let me give you the gist.
My chat of the week goes thus;
Ex: Hi, Can we see anytym soon?
Me: As regards what?
Ex: (long Silence)...........Never mind.
Dude is hooked with a kid. Madam no hot again?
(Zinger,you are very mean sha. Lol.)
Bella Chiquita, talk to me well, you don’t have to be sarcastic always. My dearest Mamacita, *wink*
What else have I been up to?
I went to the market and came back with a pair of shoes with different sizes. Don’t laugh at me it’s not funny. It’s painful I have to go back to change it.*sadface*
Right now I feel like an electrician trying to connect two wires. However I want sparks. @Bibi_sola_ola. *shinning teeth.
I had a long and good conversation with Rikimaru today, so far, making sense.
Another new week starts tomorrow.
Luv y’all.
Enjoy your weekend.