Sunday, 16 September 2012


The era of profile pictures must have started making waves in the days of Hi5 (I stand to be corrected)
Then Facebook being the most popular social network in this part of the world exploded it. Infact lately facebook got some people confused with cover photos. Blackberry made a dynamite of it. What other social network? Twitter calls it avatar. Let me stop there, cos those are the only social networks I use.
Really am gonna focus on the blackberry here.
How important is profile picture to you?
It could mean as much as what mood u find yourself when you see a profile picture.
My best kind of profile pictures are cartoon and animations. Not like I don’t like my face dere, but I love cartoons and I never get tired of their pictures. Sure I put my pweety face up too (not photo shopped o!) but I fink cartoon stays more up there.
How about birthday friends? Reminds me of a contact I have on my list that always has one picture or the other as celerants on a daily basis. I became so nosey that I had to ask that, abeg how many contacts do u have on your BB and he shocked me by saying over 300!!! Jeez, we have 365 days in a year, so why won’t u have at least one birthday daily. I hail you bros.
Still on the issue of birthday, I do have celebrants once in a while, but when ur face gets dere, sure u re very important to me. Not like others are unimpotant but there is an hierarchy. My cartoons and my face need their space.
When I get to make headlines on other peoples DP, I like it o!! Infact I love it. And I will love you more.
So rub my back I rub your back, shikena.
I must mention the fact that DP has caused plenty wahala in homes and offices and relationships, so be careful what DP you use.
And the kinda DP you use creates an impression of who u are. Huge one for that matter. (I am getting boring abi?)
So am gonna close here by saying ur DP is an indication of who you are.
Mine indicates am playful. (at least I fink so). Payne, would be a good judge of that.
I Need to say, happy married life to Mrs Chutzpah. KennyB, dt was one wonderful Decoration I saw there. I believe in you dear friend.
To Missy, the countdown continues. 
Y’all have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The confidential God

I was sitting down at my sister’s office reception chilling for her to round up her work for the day so we could hit the road and start off the weekend. I need to say the fact that I am in Ibadan city, yes, dts where I have been for about three days now. Don’t ask me what I came for.
Yeah my first paragraph has gone without the topic o! lemme not digress again.
As I was saying sha, whilst sitting there, I opened my twitter and saw a tweet by basketmouth (yeah I de follow am). The tweet said #theworldwouldbeabetterplaceifwecanreadeachothersmind#. 
Try to cast your mind back as an individual, and figure out how many times you have told a friend a secret or a private thought in confidence and that secret comes back to haunt you. Personally It has happened to me a number of tyms and not only friends, ex-bfs included, at those tyms when u are still lovestruck u tend to spill some tinz and when its tym to waka u get a healthy dose(plus jara) of the secret thrown in ur face, shattering ur mind more and making u wish u had shut up. 
I told you, its not like u read my mind and u rub my secret back in my face. 
So try to imagine you being able to read my mind.
Realizing how unreliable friends can be, I then remember my God who sees it all. He would never spite u for what you have done, or about to do.
He is so confidential. He is the only one who would never rat you out. 
It’s so overwhelming when u have to talk to him and you are so relaxed cos u know that your secret is safe. It couldn’t be safer anywhere else.
So really, basket mouth might see it from another perspective but I am seeing it from this angle so I stand to be corrected.
And your contributions are welcome (abeg pls comment on my blog na, else I mention names in my next write up. ) #sobs#. Seriously help me be the dream blogger I wanna be, my humble small start in blogging needs ur help to be recognized.
Meanwhile, beautiful things are happening o! (but na coded level sha)
Anyways, Ibadan is cool, ups n downs, traffic level is quite ok o! Seriously, at 7am the roads are still empty. (If I see dt in lasgidi, it means they are robbing niyen, I ll just go back home)
And did I mention that since I entered dis city three days ago I haven’t spent a kobo? I have been chauffeured about like a VIP(are u jealous?). 
And I must mention my awesome Nephews; I have really missed them so much. “Aunty sunmi” lol. Wonderful kids.
Lasgidi here I come 2moro (no more free rides) #sadface#
Y’all have a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Proposal Palava.

This happens to be a topic which I have thought of writing about since O!

For sometime now I have been taking closer attention at the way and manner in which guys propose. Normally, I would have just said wow!!! depending on the way it is done but now its getting to the extreme cos I now take my time to rate the guy as Romantic or not.

I have friends and colleague at work whom i have used to carry out my survey and disappointingly(hope dts correct) majority of them(about 90%) were not proposed to. Makes me scared O!!! cos I want a cool proposal(not really WOW!!), at least something i can tell my kids and have them grinning about.
Basically, most of them just got the direct question.... When can I come with my folks to meet yours? And That"s it. yeah, I get the fact that once the intention is known by the lady that the guy wants to marry her there might not be any reason to do it, but I feel it should be done. Its a formal way of saying I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!. its called a proposal and should be accepted or not.

Let me get to the couple of examples I have.

Mind you, my focus is on the Nigerian man kinda  proposal not whites o!

Am gonna start with a room mate of mine back in school. when I saw it on her face book page I was tripped
The guy actually proposed to her during office hours by placing a banner at an angle close to her office where she could easily see it.  The banner was so conspicuous that her colleagues started wondering what it was about till they saw the inscription on it read her name followed by .... Will You Marry Me? she was still in shock when someone tapped her from behind and lo and behold she turned back to meet the guy on his knees with the ring. That what I Call a Wow !!! kinda proposal.

My next example is the recent Miss tourism Nigeria that her boyfriend of nine months proposed to her by display that will you......? on the cinema screen when they went to watch a Movie. I can imagine how the cinema must have been at that moment. wild with excitement , how much more the lady who forgot to say yes, till her friend reminded her she was supposed to say YES. very Romantic one there(though Movie don end for them sha)

 There are various example, the coded ones that is done in the room the semi open ones done at eatries where the guy drops a ring in the ice cream and bla bla bla.

Well, my bottom line is this: the way a guy proposes to his lady is a clear indication of how romantic he is.
I pray i get a romantic proposal and not the other way(a big AMEN to that).

Being a while I dropped a few lines but I hope to drop more soon.(after my exams sha)
Also the issue of the Blog award is around the corner, Lindaikeji got my votes last year.
I hope my Blog gets to see the light of day soon in order to be recognised as a blog to contend with.

You all have a colourful weekend.