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My Fairy Tale Story (2)

(You can catch up with the first part HERE if you missed it)

Toke worked hard at her job. She never got a query and not for once did she go against the rules of the organisation. She had suffered in the past and wouldn’t let the job go just like that. She had finally gotten a clue to Tinuke’s where about from her sister whom she met. She was serving as a Corper in Ogun State and will soon be back in Lagos. Very soon she would have a companion she could talk to.
Toke’s relationship with the opposite sex was close to nonexistent. She never had time for guys and she believed she just had to get her priorities right. Even in church she didn’t join the youth fellowship to avoid unnecessary familiarity with the guys. She was however cordial in refusing whenever she was cajoled to join. Although the youth fellowship was an avenue for meeting spouses she wasn’t just interested at the moment.

Good Morning Sir. Toke greeted Michael, the overall boss of the company
Good morning, you are Miss Akinsipe the new secretary to the Executive Director?
Yes sir, she responded.
I hope you are doing well? We do not take chances especially when it comes to keeping the reputation of the organisation.
Yes sir, I am trying my best.
Is your boss around? Yes sir she responded.
With that Michael walked into the Executive Director’s office.
************                          *************                   *************                             ***********
After the day’s job on his way home, Michae saw Toke by the road and stopped to offer her a ride.
Miss Akinsipe, which way are you going?
Palmgroove area sir. Come in and let me drop you off,
Really surprised at the offer, she entered the car’s front seat beside him
During the ride it dawned on him he was having a crush on her.
. Starting from the day he had employed her. There were others who performed better than her during the interview, but still he chose her for reasons unknown to him. There are times he watched her through his office window anytime she went on errands, she lived a simple life. She wasn’t like the other female workers who gossip instead of working. She was always on her seat in her office.
They got held up in traffic for a bit and the silence was getting heavier each second.
Miss Akinsipe. Your first name is what? Michael broke the silence.
Toke, she responded.
Nice name, I don’t mind calling you that, and you can as well call me Michael, no formality please.
Okay sir, she responded.
And please drop the sir stuff.
Almost getting to palmgroove, he asked for the exact location she was going,
Michael, don’t worry, just let me get down at the bus/stop and I will find my way.
No,No,No, which way he insisted. She gave him a description and he dropped her right in front of her house where she was managing a single room apartment.
Thank you very much.
I am really grateful to you.
My pleasure. I guess i will be seeing more of you now. With that he drove off.
***********   ***********   ***********   ***********
After that day, Toke hardly saw Michael. He was a busy man indeed. That day was still fresh in her memory. The sole heir to Adebayo group of companies being so good to her, even offering to drop her off at home. She felt she was too small for him.

Hi. Michael whispered behind her ears, been a while i saw you.
Good morning Michael, i have been really busy.
Yeah, busy making money for me.
No, bust earning my keep, Toke fired back.
Wow, very smart of you.
What are doing this evening? Micheal asked with a blank expression on his face
Nothing really, she said that with a simultaneous thud in her chest.
Then I guess you won’t mind if I pick you up at home for dinner.
Em......I...., she didn’t know what to say.
Should we make it 7pm, Toke please.
Ok, I will be expecting you she finally responded.
***********   ***********   ***********   ***********
Where should we go? Michael asked on the way out that evening.
I don’t know anywhere in particular, she whispered. You mean you don’t go out?
Actually I don’t she responded knowing she was being real and had nothing to hide.
Alright, lets to ocean view, it’s quite and cosy to have dinner there.
The date started off well and they picked a seat very close to the water side.
It’s quite cool quiet here, she started.
Yes, that is why I chose here in the first place.
The silence that followed was scaring to her.
Michael was looking at her like he was going to eat her.
Michael did know he was staring at her. She was a lady to behold, the kind of lady you can take home to mama as his friend tolu would say.
‘Your order please, a waiter interrupted their thoughts. Do you want to eat now?
No, I am just ok with a drink she replied.
Fine, he signalled to the waiter to get fruit wine for both of them.
The moment the waiter left she asked him if it was not alcoholic.
Really surprised at her question, he replied, ‘Toke, I think it’s about time I get to know more about you.
Shortly after the waiter bought in the orders and she started to tell him all about her. From how she came to the orphanage and how she suffered to get a bit of education and where she has found herself so far.
I am so sorry, Michael said with so much concern considering he was damn lucky to have been born with a silver spoon family background.
It’s not your fault you don’t have to be sorry she said.
He went ahead to talk about himself and his family and was careful not to hype the level of wealth..
They were so engrossed in their talk that they didn’t realise it was quite late already.
It was almost 10pm when she looked at the time.
Oh Michael, i don’t keep late nights.
So sorry we got carried away, I will get you home.
After dropping her off at home, he told her to sleep well and not rush down to work the next day.
He was short of words when he met her at her table early the next day.
She is indeed my kind of lady he thought.
(To be continued)

Finally i am back after a long break, for no specific reason.
Just not been up to the task of doing all the typing and editing and bla la bla.
But really if I get to stop writing( which I won’t stop), then my blog will be an abandoned project abi?  I won’t stop.

What has been happening? I have been good, sure you are good too. Except my visit to the dentist (maybe that why i am talking with my fingers today. lol). Well, I would recommend you put up with the best oral hygiene, cos the pain no get part 2 and the doctors are without mercy. Hacking and sawing. Yet I paid money for them to give me pains, not like I shared my chocolates and sweets with them sha, so I kinda understand their grievance. Anyway, no sweet things again ( I really mean it this time).

Congrats to JQ, beautiful baby gal. Trust me when I call someone a horse, means she is extremely strong. I need that kinda energy. Not like the” Yerima specs” flying round the office which I have refused to be associated with. (I am not that tiny na).
Good work with “I AM SHADOW”. I have read  your poems and stories they are wonderful although I must confess I didn’t read those law jargons, wetin concern me?  Keep up with the pace tho.

Where is Deronk, is she guilty as charged? No post in ages or I haven’t checked? What is happening to us?
Now this is a food for thought. How well do we take care of our parents? Considering all the sacrifices they have made for us in time past. Who we are today is a function of their effort, whether adequate or not. Let us try and cultivate the habit of appreciating them whenever we have the opportunity to do it. Kudos to AK as regards this, I am so proud of you.

Now, the final and beautiful part.
 B&T, I am so excited. Can’t wait again o. Do quick.
KT, hmmm..... Yeah this post is for you, Sowie it took so long.
I will be back soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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