Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Do you love your job?

My Job….. Yeah I love what I do. (I said that with a passion).
Yes I repeat I love it. (Though I wouldn't mind a pay increase……, of course everyone wants that no matter how much you earn)
It’s what I was trained to do.
I am doing it well but I can do better.
I am a certified Insurance Underwriter (Google it please).
There is nothing as cool as doing what you enjoy and being good at it.
Not just waking up daily to go earn a salary at the end of the month.
Unfortunately that is what really happens out there.
Just a few of us get what we really want.
The bad part is that some of us don’t even know exactly what we want to do.
Choice of study in the university is not a defining factor of where you will eventually work in our present day Nigeria.
The concept actually is to get a degree first, and then whatever will follow.
When I got into the university I had no clue about what my course was all about. (I didn’t tell my Mom o!) I just knew I was there to get a degree.
My wakeup call was during my industrial training (I.T). I had the practical experience and that was when I realized that I wasn’t too inclined to my field of study. I didn’t think twice, I wanted to go into something that came to me naturally. I didn’t have to be pushed to do it.  I realized I didn’t really like figures (I choke when I see plenty of it) .Yeah, I got it right eventually. Random reading, I was always attracted to a particular set of books, Insurance underwriting. Like playo! I started to write exams. And here I am today. I have been able to define a path for myself in that career. I must admit it wasn’t easy but I give myself credit that I have done well in the shortest possible time.
Now that I blog I never knew I could be this good in writing, though I remember I used to write short poems back when I was in secondary school. (I have to look for that poem book sef)
I believe it’s never too late to change course in life. Better late than never.
Mistakes might have been made in the past but when we are able to make it right, you realize what you have been missing and then you have that feeling of satisfaction that comes with it. Although I understand the fear factor is always there.
Funny enough, some of us do find ourselves doing what we didn’t bargain for and we blend so well into it. It becomes what we are passionate about and get to develop ourselves into it. It works for some people. However on the long run if you don’t enjoy it, it leads to frustration.  (Looking at it from another angle, Nigerians are rugged when the pay is good even if they are not enjoying the job).
Honestly in certain situations, we don’t have a choice but to do the job either we like it or not. However If we can do it lets try change to something we desire.
A few times I crave for a change but it doesn’t come from the bottom of my heart. I love it in this profession. The organization I work for might change but what I do remains the same. (Except of course when I become an entrepreneur).
I draw a saying from Pastor Taiwo Odukoya here; “if there is one winning habit we must cultivate, its focus; determining what constitutes a distraction and what demands our focus”
Our job should not be a distraction but our focus.
Like I always say, just my thought, yours might be different from mine, feel free to express it.
Still in the season of Christmas.
I can sing like in the opera, call me to hear that unique voice. However, my pay is per minute. Lol.
Happy for Bibi, I am over excited with the progress you are making.
Dedonzubi, thank you so much for helping me out today, tis much appreciated.
Any news out there? NOI’s mom is yet to be released. I sincerely wish she comes back hale and hearty.
Holy Ghost Congress Started yesterday.  SIGNS & WONDERS.  Running till Saturday 15th Dec. I guess they show it on one of the Dstv channels at night (can’t remember the station, Try and look for it.).
Y’all enjoy the rest of the week.


  1. At the end of the day you need to get paid for doing what you love doing.our country does not have the structure to allow people follow their passions except you have money stashed for you in some bank acct by some rich father.
    Let me ask you, if u were moved from underwriting to selling the insurance which you so love to underwrite, will you still love your job?
    I'm opined that you should love what you do if it gives you a living, and if you eventually develop a passion for it good for you. If you don't, then tough luck.if you find someone to pay you handsomely for your true passion,then good for you. If you don't, it remains what it is, just a hobby and a passion and you have to gut it out with what makes you a living.

  2. Well said,sometimes changing the course of one's life is atmost risk people take


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