Monday, 27 August 2012

The Frienship Thiny.

They come and go.
hmm, Good and bad . I need to mention that there are the semi-Good(or semi-Bad)
Had a group discussion in church some weeks back about friends and virtually every on had something to say about a friend that betrayed them at one time or the other.
Anyway, I came to my conclusions. I need to have only two friends on the long run in my Life: Jesus and My Husband.
Yeah. that's the honest truth for me, i don't know about you.
However, by kudos to Kenny B, Mamacita, and Kfash. you guys have been awesome in the last ten years. Very awesome friends they have been. Mwaaah.


  1. Depends on the kind of frienship you talking about, remember a tree cannot make a forest...

  2. You may want to throw in your children, the four of them, in the friendship list


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