Sunday, 21 October 2012

Career My Foot.

Deep thoughts as usual.
That’s what zingerthots is all about.
I just finished watching the Movie ‘Married but Living Single’. Awesome one I must say.
In terms of the story line o!
 I am not in the position to start saying anything about the cast, who acted well or not. (Though that dude, Joseph Benjamin ………*wink*)
I saw something in that movie that I wouldn't want to experience.
 The Overbearing Career versus family life.
The movie showed me a new dimension to the career thing entirely.  
My husband will be the best in the world and we will have the loveliest set of kids that anyone would proud of, so why should I allow my career to stand in my way?
Why will I have a career that would come before my husband and kids?
My commitment to relationship and family values is much more important.
Why bother getting married if career is really the ultimate?
I don’t envy any career woman out there if she achieved all she has at the expense of her family.
Don’t get me wrong here, career is important; its just that family should always come first.
Maintaining the right balance is what is much needed here.
 Prioritize effectively and efficiently.
Delegate as much as possible.
I need to mention the wife battering part of the movie where Mr. Patrick lost his wife, and as a result lost his job and went into depression.
These are food for thoughts here.
Run from any abusive relationship before it’s too late. It starts with the raised voice during misunderstanding or arguments and progresses to the physical touch. I wouldn't say, much on these, which would probably be another topic entirely.
Let’s get back to the career thing.
I am not referring to the female folks alone here. The men too have a part to play.
Always create time for your wife and kids. It shouldn't be all about money.
Benjamin was a good guy and he did more for the family than his wife. And what was the end result?
He needed more attention than he was getting and had to get it from some other woman outside.
Now, when it gets to that level it takes the Grace of God to save such a marriage.
 (Go and watch the movie, so much to learn from it).
The boss you are slaving for probably doesn't even appreciate that effort and is waiting for the right time to kick your ass out.
So what’s the stress all about?
Life is not all about money. Happiness and contentment goes a long way in doing the trick.
What would take me off my family responsibilities shouldn't have given me room to get married in the first place.
I am feeling so soft on this issue. I want the best for my family and I am willing to make sacrifices to make it so.
Give this a thought, better still share with someone. You could be saving a marriage.
Meanwhile, as usual things are happening. *wink*wink*
Exams are over, thank God, I am back. Expect more thots from me; I have more time to think now.
What else?


  1. Love the so simple chair. Nice.

  2. are you saying you don't think during exams? lol.

    nyce. keep it up gurl!

  3. i believe you my friend, money is not everything, so long it can not buy you love and happiness so why craving for it badly??. if i can have my way my wife will be a full time house why to take care of me and my kids.



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