Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Everyone wants to be a blogger.
Blogs are everywhere.
Everyone probably wants to make money through Adsense.
I am beginning to wonder what the blogging business is all about asides writing.
Should it be done out of passion more like hobby or a desperate bid to get a means to making money?
It has to be a desire or more like a calling (like pastors are called by God).
You wouldn't prepare junk just to have traffic on your site. You also wouldn't copy and paste from other blogs or newspaper publication without indicating your source. We all know you didn’t write it, the story didn’t drop on your desktop either.
I read various blogs today, and I wasn’t too impressed. It’s not a must to write, make blogging a thing to be proud off. You don’t have to be petty with your stories.
Just like a reporter, the public needs facts and figures. They want to believe your stories because originality sells you out there
There are people who have been blogging for years and were not known. One day they rose up to fame. Be patient, the search light will come your way soon too. It is only a matter of time.
I read a blog that carried a story on Uti Uwanchukwu’ Gay saga today and it was quite vague. No source was disclosed at all and the story could have been made up. In fact I believe it was made up. Not good enough.
Another Blog was just copying Lindaikeji verbatin including pictures posted and all. Thats not good enough.
I am new in the blogging thing, with the little I have seen I know its progressive and over time I will perfect the skills.
I would close with a word to my fellow bloggers. Let’s keep it real, do not be a blogger because it is in vogue. Do it because you love it and it comes to you naturally and please focus on your area of interest.
I give Kudos to Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji.
Happy New Month and Happy 52nd independence Anniversary to Nigeria.

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  1. Yeah, i agree, bloggers everywhere. we need quality content


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