Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Like……. I Dislike…….I am Indifferent………

I just want to rant on what could possibly define my personality. What I like and what I don’t like goes a long way to say who I am.

Trying to read up a lot of articles online about temperament and I can’t seem to fit into anyone. I have a bit of everything in me. I feel it’s all about my mood at any point in time. However I think there should be a dominant trait so please tell me.
So now I decided to do a random check of my likes and dislikes and I also added the in-between, meaning stuffs I am indifferent about. The list is what I can remember. If you can add for me abeg I don’t mind. Don’t send hard knocks sha:
I like…..
  • Sleep (with utmost peace and quiet)
  • Reading anything in print as long as it makes sense.
  • Gisting (with peeps that make sense, though it depends on my mood).
  • Children (they are so free minded)
  • my phone and note(my best buddies)
  • chocolates(sugar diet*sad face*)
  • dogs(really miss having one)
  • having just one good friend around when I need him/her most.
  • being alone when I want to, and people respecting my space.(that’s when I blank out)
  • being picky with food, I tend to stick to the usual (I hardly try out new stuffs)
  • Assuming a lot. If you don’t give me adequate info, I usually do the math in my head and come up with conclusions, either right or wrong.
  • Talking before I think sometimes cos I get my honest opinions out before I can stop it. Usually nasty though.

I dislike…….
  • Snoring (mom told me I did once, hard to believe from this my small throat)
  • When you lie to me. Truth unbarred. (Never mind if I lie to myself (lol), just tell me the truth, tho it hurts sometimes)
  • When you are mute and there is so much to say to me within you (abeg I don’t have your Unmute button).
  • Arguments.(it’s usually endless ). Reminds me of the Gary Chapman Book “Everybody wins.
  • When you Impose duties on me. If I don’t want to do it,, I simply don’t want to, kapish. (Oshi. knows that. Cos he keeps saying, If I don’t want to do it, I know the perfect way to frustrate further efforts by being nonchalant).
  • Dressing extravagantly, I love keeping it simple. ( A Good example is heavy make-up)
I am indifferent about;
  • Watching TV I can stay weeks away from it. Prefer to watch a movie on my Netbook or Note depending on my mood.
  • Parties. If it happens; fine. If not; I am fine too ( maybe finer)

Maybe you can define me based on all these, maybe not. I hope so.

New gist? Of cos there will always be.

What is it with the Jackson Family again? I tire o! Allow the guy to rest na!! . I can’t seem to fathom why they fancy the courtroom so much. Another 2-4 months again in there. *deep sigh*

Some sort of migrations going on between departments at work. Just when I decided to go off flat shoes and opt for heels.  Abeg, not yet, back to flats on week days till further notice. I can’t afford to move yet. Funny criteria sha. Na by shoe?

Public holiday tomorrow. Just one day *sadface* I want more……… Anyway, I plan to have fun. I am not sitting at home at all o!! Lemme enjoy joor.

Last weekend was quite eventful. Weddings. Happy Married Life to Bunmi & Rotimi also to Nossa. The trend this year is not thinning out at all. More to come. AK & Me played the Bestie role same day. Quite a coincidence.

On a final note, Happy Birthday in advance to Kenny B, in case I don’t get to post before Sunday (which is most likely *covers face*).  I wish to, but look up and see the first item on what I like……

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy New Month in advance.
Love y’all. 


  1. Twinnie o, datz coz 'dey' avnt discovered our xact temperament (•͡.̮ ~͡) .

    1. Yeah right. Its a mix. Too random to be precise(lol. see English).

  2. Opt for heels...interesting

  3. Yall are doing a great job here. Take it from a fellow Blogger ! Prahhh! YAGA


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