Friday, 14 September 2012

The confidential God

I was sitting down at my sister’s office reception chilling for her to round up her work for the day so we could hit the road and start off the weekend. I need to say the fact that I am in Ibadan city, yes, dts where I have been for about three days now. Don’t ask me what I came for.
Yeah my first paragraph has gone without the topic o! lemme not digress again.
As I was saying sha, whilst sitting there, I opened my twitter and saw a tweet by basketmouth (yeah I de follow am). The tweet said #theworldwouldbeabetterplaceifwecanreadeachothersmind#. 
Try to cast your mind back as an individual, and figure out how many times you have told a friend a secret or a private thought in confidence and that secret comes back to haunt you. Personally It has happened to me a number of tyms and not only friends, ex-bfs included, at those tyms when u are still lovestruck u tend to spill some tinz and when its tym to waka u get a healthy dose(plus jara) of the secret thrown in ur face, shattering ur mind more and making u wish u had shut up. 
I told you, its not like u read my mind and u rub my secret back in my face. 
So try to imagine you being able to read my mind.
Realizing how unreliable friends can be, I then remember my God who sees it all. He would never spite u for what you have done, or about to do.
He is so confidential. He is the only one who would never rat you out. 
It’s so overwhelming when u have to talk to him and you are so relaxed cos u know that your secret is safe. It couldn’t be safer anywhere else.
So really, basket mouth might see it from another perspective but I am seeing it from this angle so I stand to be corrected.
And your contributions are welcome (abeg pls comment on my blog na, else I mention names in my next write up. ) #sobs#. Seriously help me be the dream blogger I wanna be, my humble small start in blogging needs ur help to be recognized.
Meanwhile, beautiful things are happening o! (but na coded level sha)
Anyways, Ibadan is cool, ups n downs, traffic level is quite ok o! Seriously, at 7am the roads are still empty. (If I see dt in lasgidi, it means they are robbing niyen, I ll just go back home)
And did I mention that since I entered dis city three days ago I haven’t spent a kobo? I have been chauffeured about like a VIP(are u jealous?). 
And I must mention my awesome Nephews; I have really missed them so much. “Aunty sunmi” lol. Wonderful kids.
Lasgidi here I come 2moro (no more free rides) #sadface#
Y’all have a wonderful weekend.

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