Monday, 18 March 2013

Dear Mom and Plenty Talk

This is a belated post (I left it hanging for some days)

Good timing. Happy Mother’s day. I was going to write something about parents. Mothers, to be specific, this is because I have spent more time with mine in my growing years. Long-time no write. Actually, I was caught in between busy work schedule and trying to juggle other stuff along with it. Busy me as usual.

So what I was writing then and still writing now is the level of trust between parents and children. Yeah right I caught that grin on your face. From my own point of view the level of trust is basically built in our teenage years. That’s the formative ages in which we are capable of doing all sorts of things and have started growing resistance to being corrected; having that feeling you are old enough to know what is right from wrong. We get to change over time due to Maturity, lessons learnt from hard experiences but really, the values we have from those formative years remain at the background.

My mum is strict, I mean very strict. She tells you what she wants and that is it. She hardly changes her mind. Formative years were strict for me.

Now having tried in her own little way(tho big) with God on her side, she has a clear conscience that she has done her part, and can only expect the best from her children.

Fast forward. When I got into the university, (did I mention Unilag?), mom’s office was quite close to me in school and she could make a fast trip in 5mins and come in unannounced. Well she never did that. She would simply drop me off at the hostel and drive off. When I go home for weekends it’s a normal thing and I choose whether to go home or not. At the end of the semester she comes back to pick me and my stuffs and that it. She never questioned me on money for books or the likes. I wasn’t excessive in any way. She would figure out any prank sooner or later why bother?
Yeah, the thought is here how much do our parents trust us?
Now its Mother’s day and I have to give honour to whom honour is due. Mom, I love you so much and if I come back next life I would choose you to be my mom all over again.

I have not posted in a while.  Loads of reasons, lemme see…….. I suddenly got tired of my black netbook and pawned it off within 12hrs (very impulsive abi?). I fell in love with something more feminine and colourful. Looked all over town both online and stores and finally I found it today. Yeah, a big thank you to Otunba for helping me out. I am now a proud owner of a purple netbook. Don’t ask me for the brand. It’s really nice though. KT actually told me she is happy I decided to do something ladylike for a change. (True sha).
Plenty plenty gist o!!. Been Keeping tabs despite the fact I have not been writing, and I almost didn’t forget any. I misplaced a sizeable chunk of money last week. Really can’t say how or where it got missing and seems like I have lost all hope of getting it back cos the waka of the money is not defined. Thank God for the gift of life, that is much more important. More money will come.

What’s more? Gonna be a Chief Bride’s Maid again. Am I looking forward to it?  Hmmm….(I ,mean yes). No biggie. Someone will be doing mine. Sha do quick. Now I am publicly declaring I owe only one more person that role. No more applications will be considered shikena. You will just have to pardon me, afterall the one and only Alamieyeseigha(I had to Google the spelling) was pardoned (lol).

Now that reminds me of my university alumni. (No name mentioned here). Cos I don’t want to be reported to My Oga At The Top. Really people can be so creative. No be small matter o!!T-shirts ke? And people are making loads of money. Well I had fun laffing at every joke that came from that line. Datz all. Not so bad sha, please free the guy, tho its funny.

Meanwhile someone analysed me last week and said I was quite impeccable when it comes to making decisions. According to that analysis I rarely make mistakes cos I make calculated moves. I want to do something and I have to think about how to do it in a million ways before I pick one. True or false? (well I agree except in one aspect). Yeah, that’s why I am hardly in the position to say sorry. tho I said one recently.

I almost forgot to mention I am officially off sugar. Meaning I have made a resolution not to consume processed sugar again. At least as much as possible. No more soft drinks, sweet biscuits and the likes. Why? Just a personal decision. Really, those stuffs are not good for the body and with age it begins to tell on your health. I must admit I feel better just taking water, fruits and my real food whilst making conscious effort to make my diet balanced.

Plenty gist abi? More than the original post itself. I know, no vex. Zinger has to express her thots as usual. I really missed writing. I wrote this half way since last week Sunday and completed it now(its saturday) .Don't worry i have not lost touch and i wont. More to come soon.

Congrats to the new Pope Francis. Red smoke, black smoke, white smoke?  *wink*

New week ahead, may it favour us.
Be open minded just like me (Yes i am?).
Meanwhile, this post is again belated again. I am posting this 2 days after because I ran out of internet data since Saturday.*covers face*

Happy wedding anniversary to Mr. & Mrs Adetunji.


  1. sha do quick... hmmm

  2. A parent or motheraks trust is very essential to a child's development as it helps boost the child's self-esteem. Nevertheless, trust must be earned. This means a child who has started hiding condoms in his wallet can not be left like your mother did while u were at Unilag. Such must be marked closely until he earns it. Did u say u bought a netbook not because of its processor, harddrive or RAM but color? Really feminine!
    Just tell us you want to remain in shape for Mr. Right and we will understand all the no sugar jist instead of saying it your health. Abegi no spoil business for cocacola o!

    1. Hmmm... Bimbo, i am already in shape for Mr. Right. No editing is needed @ all. Your first comment. More to come abi? Tnx.


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