Sunday, 31 March 2013

She Came To My Rescue

Very sincere thots on how someone you never thought could save your back when you are stuck on something becomes your hero. I mean someone way below your standard in any way, could be age, social status, intellectually and come what may.
Something prompted this thot usual.
Last week Sunday, we had a longer service than expected in church. With the children, I am always calculated with timing. However as the service progressed and it didn't seem like ending soon, I had completed the lesson for the day in their Sunday school manual (considering the fact that I took it slowly), I went ahead to play around revising other lessons and still the service went on. I allowed the kids to tell me stories about their friends and classmates yet, there was still more time to continue. Honestly I got stuck. Just when I was thinking of what next to do, one of the kids precisely a girl walked up to me and said she wanted to teach the class something, hence asking for my permission. Gladly I obliged. She took the marker went to the board , ruled two lines, one side for the boys and the other side for the girls and offhand she started writing equations on the board and asked anyone in the class who could solve it to come forward. Immediately the first and second equation was solved and the trend started in favor of one team.  Excitement filled the air and for about 30 minutes more I watched the kids solve maths equation like jeez. I no sabi maths anyway.
My thots went wild as usual, how many times do we find ourselves in helpless situations and someone you would have overlooked comes to the rescue. It happens a lot everyday all the time. We feel we can do it and we still get stuck along the way.
So, the little girl rescued me that day. Did I mention she is ten years old? Yeah she is very smart. Worthy to mention also that the girls won. Though it was just a close margin.
My boss keeps telling us every Monday at the departmental meeting that no man is an island. We all need to assist each other one time or the other. Not looking down on anyone. My boss usually calls me to proof read letters he is going to send out, initially I used to be hesitant thinking its gross for me to tell my boss he made a mistake, but on the long run he made me understand that there would be something he has overlooked that I will see and if it goes out of the office the recipient doesn’t refer to who wrote the letter from the company but would condemn the entire coy. You get the gist? That is an amazing quality of a leader.
Guilty me, I like doing things my way but aint good enuff.  However with age and maturity, I allow people and if need be to adjust anything I do it without criticizing so much. I have learnt to start asking for opinions a lot (except in  very personal matters cos as regards that I have written a post read it HERE).
My thots as usual.Feel free to express yours.
More as talk abi?
Plenty stuff happening as usual. Very busy Easter period. Busy doing what? *sigh*
Chill O! I really need someone to go back to read my post on “Does it matter what they fink”(remember its as regards personal issues). I could get to write more about that post maybe a part 2. I got an opinion yesterday from someone and I realized, I wasn't out to please anyone. I am entitled to my personal decisions. Deronk, remember your comment on  that post.
I am missing my chuchuwawa nephews*hug*
A big hug for Delababe you have been an angel to me in the past week.
i broke my sugar rule*sobs* nevermind., it was just one day, the sun out there these days na real wa. i felt like i was gonna faint and needed the glucose asap*covers face*
The holidays rushed fast again, just one day left, make the most of it. I will too.
Almost forgot, Happy Married Life to KunleSeun.  Finally!!!!. The day has come and gone. Marital Bliss Happy Easter, the resurrection Sunday.


  1. nice one.. it comes more often especially wen u are new at a thing, a place.. God sends some pple/some1 whom u least expect to bail u out

    1. Wunmi,true talk, thanks. Hope you are enjoying you holidays? *wink*

  2. Loving the new layout


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