Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Fairy Tale Story (3)

 ‘Longest time Tinuke, you forgot me completely.’
‘I am so sorry Toke, I have been busy lately.’
‘You are looking good, what is your secret?’
‘I don't have a secret.’

It was so good to see Tinuke again after such a long while; She had missed the gist and teasing and it felt so good to have her back.

‘Toke, you are so lucky getting a job at Adebayo's company, at least you are on a regular pay.’
‘It's a relief Tinuke, I am so happy. Anyway forget about my job,’ she cut off Toke. ‘Who is the guy? Please don't tell me you are still single.’
‘Of course you know I am still single.’
‘Jeez!!!. Toke, please release yourself.’
‘I am trying.’

Tinuke's boyfriend had been ever faithful to her. They had been together since secondary school days, precisely SS2 and even after graduation from the university they were still together. Everyone knew they were certainly bound for the altar.

Michael had been taking Toke out on a series of dates, but he still hadn't said anything. He had been into her room twice and was just friendly about it. She couldn't say for a certainty if it was just friendship or he intended to take it further.

After talking as much as they could for the time being and a light meal, Tinuke took her leave. Toke felt relieved that her friend was back. She would be seeing more her.

******. *******. *******

Her tears that night were for the feeling of love. Michael had asked her out and he did it with all sincerity. He told her he had given her enough opportunities to trust in him.

‘Toke,’ he had started, ‘I really don't think you will take me serious because I am your boss. It might sound awkward, but you are all I have dreamt of in a woman. The last few weeks we have been hanging out was all I needed to study you.’

Tilting her chin up, he looked directly into her eyes and she felt she was going to melt. She had the thought he was going to use her and dump her but with all these she just couldn't resist him.
‘Toke,’ he continued, ‘I promise not to disappoint you’
‘But Michael…’ she muttered, and went silent again.
‘Please talk to me, I am listening.’ he insisted.

He felt his chest tighten; he did not realize how deep his feelings were till now.

‘I told you about myself, I don't have relations I know of and with your family, I might not be accepted and.....’
‘Toke, please this has to do with me and you. That is what matters to me.’
‘Let's go’,
He stood up and led her out of Golden gate restaurant, which had become more like their favorite spot over time. When they got to his car, he opened the door for her and watched her slid gracefully into the front passenger seat. The moment he joined her in the car on the driver seat he drew her into his arms, all she could whisper was his name as his mouth covered hers and she melted into his arms. She felt so innocent.

‘Toke, just relax and feel free with me’, he said after he released her.
She responded with a nod still short of words. He dropped her off at home and promised to show up the next day being a Saturday.

******. *******. ********

A relationship like theirs was rare to find. Despite how close and intimate they were, no one knew about I at the office.

Michael gave everything to Toke, his love, money, time and his heart. He spent every free time he had with her. Even Tolu, his best friend had stopped querying him on his whereabouts because he knew Michael was with Toke.

‘Make sure you get her to the altar’, Tolu would say.
‘Sure thing’, Michael always replied with a big grin on his face.


Toke's lifestyle had taken a new turn since she met Michael. He was all she ever wanted in a man. The fact that he was her employer had nothing to do with their personal feelings. Micheal was so good to her.

Even when her friend, Tinuke met him, she did not think Toke could get anyone better. He was just perfect for her. Michael’s friend Tolu had met Tinuke and he also wanted to have someone like her love him as well.

Toke had been to Michael’s house a couple of times and it was a place to behold. A three winged duplex. His parents and his two younger sisters; Tola and Sade stayed in the master wing, whilst Michael had one of the smaller wings to himself and the third wing was the servant’s quarters. Michael had his privacy and freedom to do whatever he liked. All Tinuke kept praying for was continuity in their relationship.

******. ******. *******

‘Mrs Solape, have you heard the gist?’ A receptionist in Adebayo Group of Companies said to another colleague.
‘What gist?’
‘Toke of course. She finally got Oga into her snare. I suspected all this while.’

Such were the discussions and opinions running round the office; even to Toke's hearing but she simply shut her ears to them all.

*******. ****** ******

She had never stayed away from home but Michael persuaded her this time to spend the weekend at his place and She actually enjoyed herself. All she did was sleep, eat, talk with him and watch TV. He made love to her the first night, and was very surprised at her innocence so he did not disturb her again. The night was only spent sleeping and cuddling. He had plans for her. He intended to get her a new apartment and a car. If he had his way he wanted her to stop working and set up a business for her probably a computer center. All he needed was more time to get used to her.

******. ****** ******

Toke had never been late for work but she could not help it this morning. She had woken up with a terrible headache and she had vomited all morning. She waited till she felt a bit better before she set out to the office.

During her break, she went to the staff clinic and was given some malaria and pain reliveing medication. She felt very lonely because Michael was out of town to attend a seminar. When she wasn't feeling better by the third day, she went for a blood test where she was confirmed pregnant.

She was very scared because it was the least expected worry. How could it be possible she was pregnant when the coupled only once, which was the weekend she spent in his house. Will Michael accept the baby? She had no answers to all the questions running through her head. The only thing to do was to tell him and await his reaction.

*******. *********. *****

‘Toke, just stop talking. What do you mean by saying you are pregnant?’ he was raising his voice.
‘Michael, but....’
‘Don’t interrupt me because I am a hundred percent sure I am not responsible. The fact it was your first time with me proves nothing. I was on contraceptives and I don't expect you to be here saying this.’
‘Michael, I am not lying.’ Toke was sobbing.
‘So who is lying?’ he asked angrily. He was not even looking at her at all.
‘Toke, look for the father of your child and leave me out of this.’
He took his keys and walked out of her apartment.

Only a few minutes back he had been so excited to see her as he returned from the airport after a couple of weeks out of the country. Nothing was adding up. He felt he had taken the necessary precaution and would not be deceived.

The next morning Toke met a dismissal letter awaiting her at the office. Toke felt the world was finally over for her. Why would Michael think she could have cheated on him in anyway? She cleared her desk and left the office.


Yippee!!! I am making progress. I was typing and I suddenly started getting all so emotional about the story. It felt like I did not write the story in the first place. I guess it's good to feel this way; at least Rikky says so too.

Anyway, not much side gist this time around, just a few questions!

How often do you have a Plan B? A backup plan you fall back on in worse case scenarios.
To what extent would you go to get what you want in life?
When exactly is the time to give up on an issue or desire?
How often do you have personal deadlines to meet?
When does one finally accept defeat over a situation that has gone out of control?

These questions might seem vague but they require answers. For me I definitely don’t have all the answers yet. So, give it a thought, not focusing on any life situation in particular and you could apply it to anyone or anything.

I think I snapped at Bolu on THURSDAY because I was held up in a nasty traffic for four crazy hours. My Oga, sowie bout that (NO VEX).

My new gadget is so cool. (Covers face). It's an addiction I can't help.

 I love you all.
 Have a great weekend.


  1. Putting all this together way back! nice one!
    waiting patiently for Romance Fairytale story (4)

    Cheers babe..

  2. Tks dear,
    I will definitely complete the story.
    Be patient.


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