Monday, 13 August 2012

Opting out

Queer thot i have in mind today.
ok!!!, i wanna do something i have been willing to do for about 4mths now but i feel its morally wrong to do it. so finally after a bit of persuasion today, i succumbed.
Three hours later i wanna opt out.
i dont know the reason i agreed(maybe cos am on leave and a bit idle) but at least i know d reason am opting out.
Hmmm...... i will definitely opt out. I never can say what the consequences would be later on.

Brings me to  remember the Stanbic IBTC woman/ Lastma case.
i call it mysterious o!!
It happened in Broad day light and we cant phantom out the truth yet.
No further thots for now.

(think i wrote more than yesterday)

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