Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Original Excellency.

Their political excellency.
Many of them out there. They cant save their own life how much more else.
There is however this excellency, he surpasses them all. he doesnt need the support of man. 
He is the Original Excellency our creator.
I always have an awesome time in his presence and I wanna share that with you.
The King delights in the praise of his people.
I am a Praise singer for the Original Excellency. I delight in singing his praise.
Paul and Silas sang his praise and he Rose to their help.
I will never get tired of singing his praise, he delights in it and blesses me in return.
Join me and acknowledge him. 
You will never Regret.

hmmm, am sure you enjoyed that. i will not be limited to anything on my blog. 
Expect anything any time. 
Have a beautiful day.

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