Monday, 19 November 2012

For the love of kids.

Start off note is that whenever you need a good laugh, just hang out with kids
From 4 yrs to 12yrs to be precise. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.
I teach kids in church and for a while I have been away. Just last Sunday, I got to teach them again.
I had a good laugh and I realized I had really missed them.
Kids talk innocently and honestly, they do not see anything wrong in expressing their opinion no matter how silly it may sound to an adult. Asking very awkward questions, giving you information you don’t require from them .All I do is get a good laugh out of it.
I love their competitive spirit. They are always hyper active in order to stand out.
Usually, I ask them what they had for breakfast before church and I get so many answers, no kidding me, whatever they eat they will gladly tell you from the innocence of their minds and even go further to tell you what they ate the previous night and so on.
Most times when I get home I think back to how the class went and I realize I am laughing alone just remembering a few things about them.
I remember vividly last year, we when we started rehearsals for our carol service, some of the kids seemed a bit reluctant to sing, nevertheless I tried to get a few of them to start off.
The day of the carol service eventually came and the kids that were going sing were given Christmas caps to wear onstage. Before I knew it I had lots of kids crying that they were going to sing because they wanted caps. Thank God I had extra caps so I accommodated the few I could take. I then arranged them in a way that the new kids joining would be at the back.
Another issue came up when some of them said the light on their caps wasn’t coming on. (No be small matter o! see crying o!). I had to plead with the patient and a bit older ones to take the caps that had no lights.
Set to go onstage after settling the cap issues. We had three songs to sing, the first song was to start when they were filing out on stage and the second and third song to be rendered when they are on stage. They were meant to exit the stage whilst rounding up the third song; apparently they got carried away and finished the third song whilst still on stage.  Hmmmmm…….  No song to sing while leaving stage. Seeing all that I started to signal to them from where I was that they should just file out quietly, but they didn’t see me. The next thing I heard was’ Aunty said it is the last song we should sing when going out” and that was the kid holding the microphone saying that right into it!!!.  Everyone just started laughing and clapping for them. Lol. They got off the stage eventually.
This year now with Christmas around the corner, I have to avoid the same mistake that was made last year. Better presentation. Hopefully get them more co-ordinated.
Let’s try to hang out more often with kids; we sure have a lot to learn from them. Ease off the tension by getting a good laugh from them.
In other news……………..
No news actually.
Have a splendid week.

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