Friday, 15 February 2013

Close To Perfect.

I am a young married man.
I wake up on a cold Monday morning, say my prayers, straight off to the bathroom; the water is warm, and just perfect for the weather.  After my bath I get dressed, well ironed suit and shirt, shoe and socks in place and I head out of the room. I meet my beautiful wife downstairs all set with my breakfast and lunch packed. We say our joint prayers and step out of the house. The car is clean and ready to hit the road, I gave the houseboy a couple of instructions and we set out. Pretty, (pet name for my wife), starts a light conversation about her lil sis and something silly she did over the weekend we laughed over it and it was just about time for her alight at her office. A quick peck and off she goes.  Almost immediately my phone rings, ignoring I drove on, I would call back later. A few minutes later I pulled into the car park in front of my office and alight. Picked up my tab and diary and went straight inside. With a smile on my face I greeted the receptionist and the office assistant that stopped to help me with my stuff. It’s the first day of the week and it’s a routine that we have a couple of meetings.  
Fast forward, its 2pm and I want to have lunch remembered “pretty” . I place a call to her and she sounds excited as usual. Spent a couple of minutes summarizing the day so far, and ended the call.
Its 6pm. “pretty” should be home now preparing dinner.  She closes earlier than me and joins the staff bus home. Dinner is always an exciting affair because it’s not routine. I like surprises and look forward to what is new on her recipe every day.
A few minutes later I set out for home and with slight traffic and a stopover at the drycleaner, I am home.
Pretty is there as usual to settle me in.
A cold shower and my meal.
No Football matches today. We cuddled on the sofa and talked about the day in general and as usual, I start dozing off. Pretty leaves to finish up her chores in the kitchen and she calls on me for prayers and we go to bed. That’s a day well spent.
A quick view of the weekend.
Stay up late in bed till around 9am. Breakfast follows and we set out to the options of the day. These could be; attending an occasion; wedding birthday……, go to the  cinemas, go swimming, go visit a friends/relative, we could have them around as well( especially on the days I want to watch football). We could stay indoors and spend quality time together, I could hang out with the boys and she with the ladies and come back to laugh our heads off, and a whole lot of other things. We never run out of options. Sundays are strictly devoted to God and relaxing.I can’t wait to have my kid, pretty is in her first trimester.
End of scenario.
The guy seems to have a perfect storyline. No hassles, Pretty is good for him and he is content.
How close to perfect can a life be?
I am going to focus on what is right about this couple.
Companionship, love, flexibility in their routine especially on weekends.Importantly the place of God is unshaken in the home.
Pretty does it right always. Makes the meals fun with the excitement that comes with it.
Every lady wants this.
Every sane man would want this.
The big question is this, what effort would you put in to make it perfect?
Pretty sure does a lot. Right from when her husband wakes up till he steps out to work, it’s a seamless flow. The water is warmed the shoes and clothes are in place, the food is ready. What more can a sane guy want?
I would turn the tables round and say I would do my bit as a lady in the house and expect all the love and support I can get in return.
What extra effort would you put in to make it right?
I am not there yet, but I am preparing for when I get there.
Y’all  notice I tried my hands on something different. The scenario. Trying to freestyle. Pls criticize baby blogger(growing up tho).
Added a star to my cap today, Deronk. Thanks for that sisterly talk today. I started crushing the crush already. *grinning*.
Yesterday was valentine. How did you spend it. I spent it well.
There was a cake in the house, courtesy me. Designed by Taiwo Taiwo, at a very economic price. He tried. (Is he a learner? lol).  Jummy danced round the office singing Indian song*rolling eyes* it was really fun, someone got drinks for the house as well.
Usually wouldn’t do all that but I just wanted something different. It worked.
I didn’t wear anything red o!!.
Bebe, I should meet my share of your cake over the weekend or else……
It’s another weekend enjoy it and save some strength for Monday.
(please when is the next public holiday?).
Love you all.


  1. Yep, something different and nice. Pretty is a super star, sincerely, can u pull that off? Why cant I be the one in bed tomorrow while husband wakes up early to make me hot bathing water. Pretty works as well! Husband would help out in the house or am a full time house wife cos I for one honestly don't picture my marriage like that zinger.

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