Sunday, 10 February 2013

Does It Matter What They Think?

Zinger is writing when everyone is watching football. AFCON 2013 finals. Nigeria Vs. Burkina faso.
I have lost count of the number of times I have been to the sitting room to check on what is happening whenever I hear the noise from the neighbours. My Bro-Inlaw has told me to just sit and watch the match instead of roaming up and down, but I simply can’t. Abeg the tension is too much.
I will rather do more fulfilling things for now after all I have the faith they will win (silent thoughts). AK said I am not patriotic. I really am o!
I have been away for over a week and it feels too long to keep my page idle. I have a handful of thoughts I want to share. I scribble them down in my small note once It crosses my mind and one of such is matured enough to be let out.
Does it matter what they think?
Who are they? Friends.
I grew up having few friends. Few people I share my thoughts with.
Now I am all grown up (not really).
Making correct choices in life shouldn’t be influenced by what my friends might think neither should it be in line with what they choose.
Two prominent areas we make this mistakes is in relationship and career.
I would say it’s more evident in relationships.
Having to agree to date a lady/guy and the first thing that flashes through you head is what will my friends think of her in terms of looks, class and other factors you might consider important.
It makes sense to choose someone you are happy with. He/she is what you want not what they want. You are in it not them. Does it matter what they think?
Yeah, I understand the fact that sometimes we tend to make mistakes especially when we are blinded by love and a friend could be in a position to call you to order but really that is when you miss road na.
When you have to consider the factors I mentioned earlier (looks, class…) in line with what your friend would think meets up to standard, then you are a joker.
Personally, I thought I was guilty of it at a stage of my life, but looking back now looking back I don’t think so. (giggling)
My choice of a career is so weird, I walked into it myself. People ask me why and I tell them it’s what I want. I didn’t have to lose focus and follow the bandwagon to wherever they were heading to.
During the week I read the story of Late Otunba Ghadaffi, the founder of Mobile Toilet.  He was an aide to Late MKO Abiola. During a wedding ceremony of one of MKO’s children he observed that most of the guests were roaming around looking for the toilet that was non existent. The idea came up from there and the man died a millionaire. I am double sure he may have run his idea through a few friends who would have laughed at him considering the job as quite dirty.
Just like Pastor Sam would say, do not ask for opinions on ideas generated. Hear from God and act fast. opinions gives you room to fall back.
The fact remains that when there are challenges the people you put into consideration, will not be there for you. They probably didn’t even know they may have influenced your choice by their actions, and you are left to face the music alone (abi its dance to the music?)
Guys, she doesn’t have to be look like Agbani Darego cos ur friend’s wife looks like one. Do you know what kind of person she is at home? Guys like going out with their partner and look forward to catching the faces of their friends admiring her. Loadz of examples of people I know who do this.
Ladies, he doesn’t have to be so handsome, when it’s not like you are all that pretty. He should be a good husband and father to your kids. No be fine boy we go chop na.After all,  beauty is on the inside.
I hope I am making sense. This is just a small aspect of it. There are a whole lot of other things involved.
I wish I could write more, but you could have your thoughts on this and digest it. You never can say, you might be on the wrong path, never too late to change paths.
Your career and relationships are lifetime commitments.
Just in time the match is over. I am already in the sitting room with my Laptop.
You see…… I am a Patriotic Nigerian!!!!
Congratulations to the super eagles and to all Nigerians.
Congrats to me too on my 30th post. i am trying. I gat to knock 100 before the year runs out.
Its a new week.
Happy valentine to you all.
I changed my mind, now I am going to have a small cake for val. Courtesy me. I am giving myself a treat. Jummy motivated me to do it cos she wanted to eat cake at all cost. Though it s not the chocolate cake you want but cake na cake.
Y’all have a wonderful week.


  1. Totful and insightful as need cake too o. Truth is most times we unconsciously allow d opinions of others to rule over us. I guess its time to check those 'habits'. And congrats on ur 30th post. Keep dem coming......dheji......

  2. My dear it doesn't. However like you said when blinded by love a friend is in the position to call you to order. Like I tell my friends, if you are telling me I can't date a guy because he is short or not as rich as I am or any of those frivolous things, you are just a joker. You need to give me concrete reasons why. Oh he is a woman beater (and evidence). Fought some friends over that in Uni when they said I couldn't date some guy who was on my case he was shorter. Seriously? How are you sure it isn't that short man God wants for me.

    Congrats on your 30th post. Keep 'em coming love.



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