Sunday, 3 February 2013

What really happened?

On Tuesday 29th January 2013, I had an experience I will never forget in a hurry.
What really happened?
As usual I was going home from work in the staff bus and usually I just relax and doze or I use the opportunity to answer mails or messages I couldn't attend to during work hours. This particular day I was catching up with a couple of mails I receive daily on an on-line coaching programme. I was quite engrossed and couldn't even define the pace at which the staff bust was moving; fast or not.  All of a sudden, there was this heavy impact from the back of the bus and I realized I was scrambling to hold onto something to keep me from falling off and hitting my head. The bus was still in motion and I could feel us climbing the kerb and the smell of smoke and oil engulfed the bus and eventually it came to a halt.
We all rushed out of the bus. I was actually the only lady left in the bus at that time.
What did we see when we alighted from the bus?
A car behind us with the bonnet and engine badly squashed and another car on the side walk with the booth and bumper completely squashed as well. Meanwhile the entire rear windscreen of our bus was gone and the guys sitting at the back were just lucky they didn’t have any glass cuts.
What really happened, the impact was from the car behind us and it was so much that the bus went to hit the car in front of it, by God’s Grace we didn’t swerve to the front of a trailer that was just coming behind us.
This is my first real experience of a road accident. My narration is the best I could get from the story people around said.
The position of the three vehicles involved after the accident did add up perfectly with the narration.
What happened that day made realize there is just a twinkle of an eye between life and death. It could happen so fast.
I was in shock and I didn’t realize it until I got home and was narrating what I could to my mom.
The other cars involved in the accident were driven by women. Infact the woman who hit the bus to start with was a nursing mother and she just couldn’t say much. All she knew was that her airbag popped out. Apparently she dozed off.
The very next day my boss too had an accident. He came to work with a swollen head. “ he couldn’t really explain what happened as well because he was reading a book and the slamming off the brake by his driver jerked him to life.
Life is so valuable yet it can be lost easily and there is no duplicate.
Based on my job we deal with accident vehicles and whenever there is a claim the form is usually filled by claimants in such a way that you wonder if the accident was actually true or fiction. After my experience on Tuesday I realized, if I were to fill an insurance claim form just like now, my story won’t correlate. I asked my boss to and he said the same.
Exactly one year to day my mom was involved in an accident and the same question back then was” what really happened” Thank God she is very ok today.
Its all been about accidents abi? Never mind we have to face the facts once in a while.
God will continue to keep us all in Jesus Name.
It’s a new month the year is moving already
It’s the month of love.
Not like I acknowledge Valentine’s Day. The last time I got a valentine gift was way back 2006. So I would do the usual thing I have done in the past 7years, just like every other day.
Just show some love to everyone around. Stay light hearted, follow peace with all you relate with. And seek forgiveness wherever you might have gone wrong.
Bibi& Dela, you guys are such wonderful friends. I know I can always count on you. I feel lighter already.
Kenny B, get well soon, never seen you down in a very long time.
TY, hmmmm… twas good to talk to u again. As usual your life is always full of drama. I need to get some more from you.
Oh!!, I have another TY, good to see you again out of the blues.
New week, new blessings .
Have a great one.


  1. Thank God for his protection.

  2. I was once involved in an accident too. September 14, 1998 on Lagos Ibadan express road. I was seeking admission into Unilag then. I was sleeping when it happened. I was revived in the hospital. Well thank God I'm alive today though. There is but just a moment between life and death.


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