Sunday, 3 November 2013

Are You For Real?

So I typed this with speed and alacrity because I didn’t want to forget details.  Having two posts in a day is gonna be a huge plus for me.

But this gist sef can't pass my readers by.

I went to write a training exam yesterday for the sake of formality and thereafter decided to go make my hair. Thankfully, I got to the salon in good time and started making my hair almost immediately. When I got to the salon I met a lady who was just about completing her weave was ready to mat her weaveon. In the process she was also doing her pedicure and manicure. I really didn't pay much attention to her as I minded my own business.

As I was getting bored I decided to write my first post since it was a good opportunity. It took me about 1hr to complete the draft and I realized the lady's hair was still at the same spot I met it. She was however done with her manicure and pedicure. Did I mention I was braiding my hair? Yeah, and at that time I was almost halfway done with it. At the time, I wondered why she wasn’t making any progress with her weave but decided to mind my business.

Fast forward, I finished my braids at about the same time the lady finished her hair. I wondered at her patience because the guy making her hair kept leaving her to go attend to some other persons. When she was about leaving the salon I heard her asking for directions and I realized she was going my way. Still I didn't pay much attention to her and I left the salon.
 Getting to the bus stop, I saw her waiting for a bus. As at that time I wasn't sure what route to take home, so I was just waiting on my instinct to guide me. I jumped into the first bus that came my way and I noticed the lady was still standing there. I called out to her and said she should come along as I was going her way. She obliged and entered. (In retrospect, I wonder why she even answered me sef cos we didn't have any exchange whilst in the salon).
 So the journey began.
 First thing she says to me is  ‘did you collect your receipt at the salon?'
I said ‘No, I didn't.’
 She said she made sure she did. I told her I had collected receipt on previous occasions and it wasn’t much of a big deal, as I was not particularly accountable to anyone about my hair expense.
 We got to the first stop and alighted to board another bus and then the rain started. Not my lucky day, I thought, cos I didn't have my umbrella. Because she fixed a weave on her hair and I was on braids I was nice enough to give her the nylon I had with me to cover her hair. When we realized the rain was quite heavy, we took shelter with a recharge card seller. The rain was quite heavy and in no time our legs were messed up with mud.
 However, as a smart Zinger, I started stretching my legs out from under the umbrella and stylishly washing my legs in the rain till it was quite clean. But, my (what should I call her now? Lemme say acquaintance) wasn't smart enough. So when the rain eventually stopped she had to buy ‘Pure Water’ to wash her legs. She didn't have change so I paid the money (no biggie at this point).
 We continued the journey and took d next bus. I paid my fare only o! Along d way, I decided to start a conversation. I asked if she was working or schooling. She said she just finished from Yaba College of Technology and was going for NYSC next week particularly stating it's just 3 weeks of orientation (like she was trying to educate me). Nice, I thought and I asked where she was posted.  She said somewhere in Victoria Island. Whaaat!!!. I thought I hadn’t heard her well; is the new Lagos orientation camp now at V.I?
 Still trying to process what I just heard she went further to say, she was posted there with her friend and ‘they’ will be paying her N2000.00 per day. I kept quiet and I could have bet that my expression was sorrowful (I wish I had a mirror or someone to confirm it). I just couldn't laugh. It was just too pathetic. The next thing she asked was how much a dollar was; I panicked and recovered almost immediately. I told her it was an average of N160.00. Then she asked how much was two dollars? I murmured the name of Jesus and responded N320.00; easy Math right?
 Thankfully, the bus ride was over, so we got off… just one more bus ride together and I was free; at least I thought so. I was wrong.
 There was a short walk to where we would take the next bus and she just started chattering. She said she made her hair and all other stuff at the salon for free cos she happened to know the owner of the salon and he told her to come (that added up to the reason why she had to be patient despite the way they wasted her time). However, I wondered how she was able to collect a receipt? I am still wondering…. (Don’t’ judge me, She mentioned that na.)
 I just kept nodding my head to everything cos I had heard too much already and as if it wasn't enough, her slippers cut suddenly and I made a deep sigh. Thankfully, just a few steps away we saw a shoemaker and we haggled for almost 5 minutes over N100.00 (yeah I’m a bigs gals). She said she could only pay N70.00 and eventually I told d shoemaker to go ahead because I was already getting edgy and still trying to be nice.
 After the repair I gave the shoemaker the money. She thanked me and I flew into the next available bus. However, not before she got my phone number. I gave her my less active phone line though.
 What an encounter!
 I didn't even ask for her name.
At the end of all these, a lot of thoughts flooded my mind: Why did she lie? Is she that ignorant? What da heck was all that drama about?

Then I remembered my post on foundations and change, and imagined what she has built for herself.

Anyway, in case I was wrong and I over reacted, or judged her wrongly, please let me know.
Is there an NYSC camp at Victoria Island where they pay N2000.00 per day?
Have a great week people!


  1. Interesting, the gal obviously didn't really pass d walls of an institution except on sight seeing.

  2. yonlandaschol@blogspot.com26 February 2014 at 11:38

    Are you for real! this is funny on the writing level but no less a frustrating and agonizing experience for you (I'm sorry about that).

    Well, there's a part in the scriptures that says ' the ignorant man always broadcasts his ignorance'. It's a pity that dishonesty and deceit has eaten deep into our society.


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