Saturday, 30 November 2013


I wonder why the inspiration to write lately comes when I am in d salon. Hmmm... maybe I am just reading meanings to nothing.

Been a while, not much happening around and I may not want to bore you with any of my lessons. I am not in the mood either.

I would just touch up on a couple of sayings mostly not quoted, which will be good food for thought.

Maybe not, cos I suddenly went blank now. (covers face)

Anyway, November has come and is going. A few days to end it all, as we move into the last month of the year.

I can't smell Christmas anywhere yet except when I went to Ajose Adeogun Road VI. Maybe when we actually enter December I would have d feel.

I know I am just mumbling mumbo jumbo. I am not to be minded. Not much activity around me ni.

All d action is on vacation (see rhymes sha).

Yeah, I can't forget my new beginning, wait I am confused on whether to call it a new chapter. I fink a new chapter is better. It's still the same book. I’m really looking forward to it.

HBD again to blog mummy Deronk. 26 days of 26 pictures, double it to 52 cos the changes are from two devices; can't match that yet.

Congrats to my colleague to be, Nky babe on the birth of her baby gal.

Am outta gist. U see. Not much activity going on around me.

It's d weekend ojare. Maybe I could do a movie or two, I need to relax my mind and body.

I really hope I get to post this, when I read it over again and can make some sense of this, then you are reading it.

PS- I watched Maid in Manhattan again and I just went all mushy mushy. *deep sigh*.

Anyway, cheers guys!

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