Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas in the Air…..

I got to the office this morning and the Christmas décor was awesome. Wow!!! Its the Christmas spirit again. I flashed back to what I did on the 1st of December.
I spent quality time to say thank you to my God for taking me thus far. He has been awesome, wonderful, excellent, good, and glorious to me and my family and friends.
I felt excited after thanking him and I had this sort of robust confidence that more is still to come before the year ends.
It is a season that is always exciting for me.
Reason being that it’s a time for me to reflect back on how the year had been.
For me this year started on a flat note and is ending on a high note. (You won’t understand).
Every year I write a list of my expectations for the New Year and work toward that list. (I usually leave the list in my daily devotional so I see my list every day)
Funny enough this year I didn't write any list.
I had a thought that I always limited myself to that list and I wanted to go beyond whatever would hold me back. No bench-marking  just to Cross boundaries and look back to see how well I have done and of cos with the help of God.
Now it’s December again.
I have looked back and things have happened that wouldn't have been on my list if I had written one.
Indeed God has been good to us all.
Birthdays, Naming ceremonies, Weddings, Promotions, various celebrations here and there.
As much as we thank God for the good things he has done for us, there were a lot of bad things which happened and for the fact that you are reading this it didn't happen to you.
Honestly, more good things to come in the remaining 28days of the year, just believe in my God
For now I can only say thank you to God.
Y’all have the remaining 28 days of the year to join the list. (If you wish).
It’s a season of celebration. Look over whatever regrets you might have had during the course of 2012.
Look at the brighter side.
Whats happening around?
Happy Belated Birthday to My super Duper Pastor. God Bless you sir.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Ladi&Toni, as well as Adebiyi.

The Experience 2012. Awesome Praise singers in the house. Sing for Joy into @2013. this Friday 7th December 2012(hopefully i might be there)
Holy Ghost Congress of RCCG is coming up from 10th -15th of this month.
THEME: Signs & Wonders (you can’t afford to miss it)

Wishing you a wonderful December ahead and a period to grab all outstanding blessings for 2012.



  1. Truly, it can only be God. Most times we write new year ressolutions and never followed it. Why dont we let go and flow with God. Nice piece there, Funmi. Merry xmas to all in advance

  2. Funmi.. i thank God for everytin also am not feeling the christmas tin jor! wat i see is traffick as in traffick.. All the same merry xmas to me


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