Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 review and 2013 in view.

 Just as soon as it started, it coming to an end.
The high points and low points.
 Despite all, I am privileged to be alive after going through 2012. All thanks to Almighty God.
This post might be a long one and in view of that it might have a second part #Dancing#. Me sef don de get part 1 & 2. Moving up you know.
Anyway straight to business, my review of 2012, is a mix of emotions. Like I said earlier the most important thing is you and I are alive to witness the year end and we are definitely expectant of what lies ahead in 2013.
I would run down month by month(Don’t think I actually remembered all that happened o!!!, I take notes which I use as my prayer points in my daily devotion. Trust me; it helped me a lot this year in particular. In case you are wondering what devotional its ‘Open Heavens” *wink* 2013 Edition is out, grab your copy now.
So the summary begins;
Started on a low note o!!!. *(I mentioned that in my post” christmas in the air). For Nigeria, we all can remember the Occupy Nigeria protests. One Straight week of no work, the Gani Fawehinmi Park and the activities there at that period. The Betrayal of the labour leader to us and bla bla bla… Nigerians are rugged sha.  And my chuhuwawa nephew clocked two years.
# Boko haram#
Hmmm….my dear mom is ok is all I can say. Twas by his Grace that’s all I can say.  Jummy tied the knot. What happen in Nigeria? Nothing notable I can remember. Yeah, I almost forgot, it was a leap year, 29 days. That’s what affected Christmas day oh! Else Christmas would have been on a Monday and then the holidays would have been longer and sweeter merged with the weekend.( imagine the way am thinking, but that’s the truth).
# Boko haram#
I am actually blank on this month. What really happened? Ok, it was Bebe’s Birthday, and what else?
God smiled back at me.
# Boko haram#
April .
Of cos it was the resurrection month, Easter. Bomb blast here and there (you don’t expect me to have such details, ask channels tv).
 # Boko haram#
Kenny b was plus One, yeah and My god-daughter, Fiyin dear. Yeah and I can’t forget Beji. It was Two(2) years she passed on. And the high point of there was my nephew’s long awaited arrival. Thank God he didn’t come on democracy day(lol). Tho he would have chilled a bit till June*wink*# Boko haram#
My month. You know we June celebrants are unique.
Unique month for me. My bday(got a surprise cake for that, thanks to Otunba), my big sis birthday and my Dad’s remembrance (wow!!! 13yrs). I don old o!!.
Notable for this month was the Dana plane crash. Lord I ask that you console the Families affected.
I pray it never happens again.
# Boko haram#
Yeah, something came up. Brb.
# Boko haram#
Floods displace people from their homes. Very touching, Landlords now staying at temporary camps.
 As long as there is life there is hope.
I had an August visitor.
Oops I almost forgot to mention that we went to Olympics and came back with nothing. Like a friend would say, nothing is quite expensive
# Boko haram#
# Boko haram#
The celebration of love was plenty. Weddings and introductions galore.
Hmmm, I can remember all . yetty mama, Damie&Osagie, Dela&Muyi(High point for me)
Obama won his 2nd Term in office. Good one for me. Michelle is sure a lucky woman. Not like patience isn’t lucky but 2015 will tell.
Celebration of love too.
Ladi and Toni (so sowie I couldn’t make it). I love you guys nonetheless.
Ak….. Tks for my christmas gift. This December was the exact opposite of last year. I am so excited.
Yeah , I heard the world was gonna end too this month, guess there was a mathematical error somewhere.
December aint over yet o!! Anything can still happen In the few hours left. Remain expectant.
Sure you noted the ash tags with boko haram at the end of each month. There was Bomb blasts here and there.
Lots of lives were lost every month both reported and not reported. Painful for the families and friends and to everyone who has a human conscience that cares. May the Lord touch the wicked souls of these perpetrators of evil so that we will have a better story to tell in 2013.
Lots of other things happened in 2012 which I can’t remember all and I didn’t even hear of most sef.. … God help us all.
Looking forward to an eventful 2013, my slogan for that year is “it can only get Better” that the only option I have for that year. Three things in mind for me to do.(Don’t ask me)
Meanwhile, I decided to wrap it all in one post, (I guess I aint ripe yet for a two(2) part post. I will get there soon.)
For everyone that stood by me in 2012 I love you so much, for those who turned their backs I love you more and for those who didn’t hear from me at all I love you the most.
See you all in 2013, cos we are going to get there together.
Happy New Year in advance.


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  1. Happy New Year too. Wishing you a fulfilling year. Cheers.


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