Saturday, 5 January 2013

Food Matters

How far would you go for food?
Yesterday, I did not eat any real meal. All I had for the day was junk that I just needed to get a little energy that's all.
I woke up this morning very hungry, yet I went back to eat junk knowing I had a long day of training at the office today. During training I got thinking, is it like I am not hungry for real food or what?
The answer flashed right into my head almost immediately, I am not a food freak. I am not watching my weight (y'all know that or else I would disappear soon), I have a high pain threshold for hunger. (don't mind my grammer).When there is no food or there is no time to eat I do not stress myself immediately.(I am talking of short periods here o!! not a matter of days). Hunger I know can cause chaos in our body system. However, how long can you hold it?
Well, that is a question only you can answer,I just said mine.
Now, I would talk about the issue of those who are always hungry.
Common with men, they are hardly filled up but like the economist would say, there is always an optimal level of satisfaction. It all depends on your feeding habit overtime and maybe the size of you stomach( I know I am yarning dust already,just looking for a way to enter the actual topic, so lemme hit the nail on the head in my next paragraph).

How often have you gone to a party and you share a table with someone who goes for everything being served at the party. Fills up his/her tummy and still goes ahead to take as much as possible home.
Very common with the female folks abi? That is what you think, but men are now becoming experts at it too. we see them strolling out of parties with bottles of wine. Food or wine, all na same.
I eat what my tummy would conveniently accommodate on a good day(which is actually not much). You aint lucky at all parties which is why you should eat before setting out to the venue to avoid your head following trays around the place hoping its your turn.
Take away aint good enough. If you are actually given by the host, good for you but its not decent enough to ask for extra when you have had your normal ration. its not mandatory you have to taste all the items on the menu. Rice, Ofada rice, amala, Semo, pounded yam,ogufe,....... kilode, na your throat them de pass go Aso Rock?
No disrespect here but I tend not to associate with people like that. I don't have any friend liked that sef. we eat and go home shikena.
It really doesn't matter if you are close to the host or whatever. we are talking about food here. I hate insults how much more if i am insulted over food.
As usual I am expressing my thoughts on this issue o!!! hopefully I have not stepped on toes, but I guess not cos you are all decent set of readers. Meanwhile you should remember my position on parties in my previous  post on "Occassions and Moi". if you didnt get to read that you can see it HERE).
As usual in other news:
Wink Wink, finally I finally got my dream Android, Galaxy Note II, Mwaaah to you. You know yourself. I am so loving it.No dis respect to my Blackberry here. Kunle has been beefing me all week. Even Kenny B too cos my screen is wider than her S3( but really S3 was the overall best phone for 2012), lol. Really good starting 2013 with that. To my advisor Sola_ola, thanks a bunch your advise came in handy( No beef for you as regards Bibi, sure we are cool on that.)
My chuchuwawa nephew will be 3 yrs next week, hmmm, more like 5yrs to me with his smartness, i love you dear.
Its been a very busy period for me, usually like that at this time of the year at work to complicate issues I am in a new department with a new boss, Cool boss o!!. (I go work extra sha, but i dont mind i wouldnt rather have a mean boss).
Well, I have to go now cos I picked up my lappy to do stuff on my project and alas I am posting this. Good one though. Tomorrow is the first Sunday in the new year. Thanksgiving in my church,I have to put on my dancing shoes. I have so much to thank God for.
Cheers to you all and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. hmmm... as for party food, when it comes to my favorite(in jenifa's voice) OFADA RICE i b oliver twist oo... i nor send you


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