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January Bug.

Just a recent thot on why January is noted as the longest month of the year. That nursery rhyme says; 30 days hath September, April, June and November, all the rest are 31, except for February.........bla bla bla. I figured out my own reason for why it’s the longest month.
Let me explain, for salary earners, a new month starts the next day after pay-day. In December, pay-day comes early, as early as 15th depending on the coy. So we start counting the new month unconsciously from then. In summary January has about 45 days. However on second thought this theory cant apply to the business owners who are not salary earners, though it’s a cycle sha, so the bouncing effect still gets to them  in terms of low patronage from the salary earners( Its Zinger’s theory, not tested or proven). Based on the clause in this theory I would limit myself by referring to only the salary earners.
So what happens and why do we get bitten by that bug?
In December we definitely spend more, but come to think of it we earn more in terms of Christmas bonuses and other end of the year benefits depending of the coy or organization you work for.
There is the normal excitement in the air that makes you spend more abi? Movies, Beach, hanging around with family and friends that have come into town for the festivities. It’s good to do all that when we do it with sense. Cutting your coat according to your cloth.
Let me first say how my December was, I didn't do any major spending because I didn't have the need. I didn't buy any new cloths because I didn't plan to attend any occasion. Though I travelled for a few days but it wasn't on my tab. No one came to visit me as well (Sure you fink my life is boring). That’s me keeping it single and simple.
For the not so simple lifestyle, I can imagine you had the kids to cater for, as regards Christmas clothes, shoes, father Christmas visit, a couple of movies during the holidays and considering the fact that you will have some visitors who come along to visit and you have to do the usual traditional rubbing of hands when they are leaving. As soon as the holidays end, then school resumes and the fees are there to be paid and the list goes on.
Looking at all these trail of expenses they can’t be avoided, the kids have a right to enjoy. However, they can be modified by putting in place cost cutting measures.
When January finally arrives, the pocket is virtually empty and there are so much expenses waiting to devour you.
All these analysis are well known to us all, so I would say I am just highlighting them for emphasis.
Now to the cost saving measures as recommended by “Zinger Advisory Services” ZAS(actually sounds nice o!!!).
-          Buy their Christmas clothes before the festival frenzy begins. Don’t go and buy their exact sizes o! They are kids and keep growing just buy slightly bigger ones and hopefully it fits on the D day.
-          Invest in a large screen Tv, Video Game, stock the house with cartoons. Never a dull moment. Avoid sharing TV with them let them feel in control. Grubs should however be in abundance.
-          Buy the Grubs in bulk and hide in the house. They should think you just got it whenever you give it out.
-          Let them go see a father Christmas around the neighbourhood  They don’t have to go from Ikotun to lekki to Father Christmas. After all Santa Claus is fake everywhere.
-          When visitors come especially with their kids have snacks and take homes for them in abundance, you don’t necessarily have to drop cash for them. The honest truth is that some parents actually come with their kids to visit because they are sure you will give them money.
I hope I am not spoiling market for “ZAS” already. Seriously sha, all these might work or not but the bottom line is Planning.
Set aside a separate purse whose budget should not be exceeded during the celebration period. That purse should start growing now.  January till October is reasonable. By the time you dish it out without excesses then you will live through January like every other month. So you don’t have cause to wear a long face or live on promissory note.
I am talking to the folks with kids and other responsibilities to take care of.
Single folks like me shouldn't have stories to tell.
You can fire the bullets back at me as usual.
In other news, so much is happening. I haven’t written in a while.
 My post on 'Abandoned Project' seems to have the highest rating so far since I started writing. I got a head swelling commendation from AK…. And I know with God on my side the sky is my starting point. You can check it HERE if you haven’t read it. My writing career seems to be smiling already; I will be a guest writer for a couple of publications already. Whenever I write I read over and over again and have the feeling that I can do better, when I got the offers I was elated that after all, I am not so bad.
Elixir is tackling me as I am writing now, telling me I am not so smart (I really thought I was #sobs#). He is saying something about sabotage; I am yet to figure that out.
Lots happening around me, Ghen ghen….. Life is so simple o! My people, It belongs to no one. Be good is all I can say on that.
To Bolu Dear, things happen in life for a reason, God only has answers. I am sure he understand. It can only get better, no other option. Be that man I know.
You know that public holiday we had on Thursday , it was so sweet, I slept like a baby all through and thank God my voice is finally back after about a week, that cough really dealt with me.
February, hmm…… Valentine tinz, I comment my reserve till my next post.
Month of fasting and prayer for The Redeemed Christian church of God. Just 28days. Starting 1st February, Click on the LINK to get the prayer points for the duration. We will all be blessed IJN.
Another week is starting tomorrow, a new month as well; I hope for the best as usual and wish you guys the very best too.
Have a Lovely evening.

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  1. A really good insight in2 why we 're always broke in January. Thanks. We 're waiting for more front ZAS.


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