Friday, 4 January 2013

Year of Crowning Glory.

Happy New Year to everyone.
It is actually the 4th day of 2013 and i admit i am a bit late in doing this, so sowie.
I have been quite busy and i would definitely keep this short cos i have to get back to my work asap.
I love you all and i am looking forward to a fabulous year ahead for myself and you.
I pray all our heart desires will be fulfilled.
Its going to be a year of recovery for all. Just like Job recovered double of everything he lost. (Job chpt 42 from watch night service sermon in church). This is also linked to the title of my post.
Hopefully i would be able to pen down something over the weekend.


  1. Happy new year to u too. Looking forward to many thots ds yr..

  2. I would wait patiently for your thoughts on this chapter.

    Happy new year


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