Thursday, 17 January 2013

Just a medium

Its late but sleep is not anywhere in sight soon. Thank God tomorrow is Friday at least I have the weekend around d corner already. Coffee will do the trick at the office.
Just finished reading my daily devotional (not Open Heavens, I have two now) and it occurred to me that I got the devotional from someone who wasn't going to ever read what he was giving out. It got me thinking how people bless you with what they cant receive blessings for. Ok, lets get this straight. You aint a religious person and you are giving someone else the opportunity to be blessed. I got the devotional from a colleague and I didn't bother to look at it until sometimes last week and wow!! It was very good and has blessed me tremendously. I then realised that he was just a medium for me to be blessed nothing more. I had to be more thoughtful on that. What sort of medium have I been to you? I can't determine that. Its what message I pass to you that will make you judge me. I cant say so much I might have to come back to this topic some other time, but I really want you to give it a thought. Are you blessing people and yet you are not blessed in return?

Its has been a very busy week for me. Extremely busy. It can only get better.
Thanks to everyone that commented on my last post. I was impressed with everyone's opinion. Thank you so much. I hope to get something interesting for you this weekend.
am actually blogging with my note and its So Convenient. Lovely night peeps.


  1. What you sow, u reap. Have you been blessing people without being blessed yourself?

  2. When you bless someone, you're blessed back automatically depending on the motive behind your endeavor.


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